Secret Garden Blanket 4

SB9After the lavender railing from part 3, the form of the blanket was a large rectangle. I
decided that on the smaller sides of the rectangle I wanted a row of sunflowers in my secret garden blanket. The row of sunflowers is constructed in several rows. The first basic row is made with dark green and has some triple  crochet cluster stitches symbolizing the leaves and a frontpost treble crochet as stem, alk around one of the lavender half dc’s.

The flower itself is constructed in 3 rows, where cluster stitches form the petals of the flowers and brown yarn is used to make a heart in the flower. zbloem1

After the rows of sunflowers was made, the whole blanket was framed with a simple round of hdc and a reverse single crochet stitch or crab stitch.

The blanket is still a bit pulling together in the middle. In the next part that will be solved.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


2 thoughts on “Secret Garden Blanket 4

  1. Terry

    I love your Secret Garden Blanket. What a great idea. I love crochet and flowers so this blanket is definitely my cup of tea. Do you have a pattern for this lovely blanket?

    1. Alice Post author

      Hello Terry,
      The pattern is still a concept in dutch. The blanket itself is almost finished, but i am now working on the Frida’s flowers and when this is finished I am going to look at the pattern of the secret garden and rewrite it if necessary. So I hope you can be patient. Maybe I will publish it in parts. greetings Elzeblaadje


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