Frida’s Flowers Cal 8

I am half way through the assembling of the Frida’s Flowers Cal. It is a lot of puzzling to find the correct place for each panel.

The panels are crocheted  to each other on the backside. I am using Raspberry to do so. I have chosen this color because it contrasts all other panels beautiful and there was a sufficient  amount of yarn left.

I have trouble seeing the dark panels by lamplight so I have to work on the blanket by daylight. But the last days were also very dark ans cloudy and I didn’t make much progress. The flowers have an extra difficulty, because the leaves and petals are mostly in the middle of each side and they have to match the middle of the contrasting panel.

I hope the assembling of the pieces is complete before Tuesday, when the last part of The Cal, the edge, will appear.

greetings ElzeblaadjeFF_inelkaarzetten

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