Peacock tail bag Cal – part 1

bagLB_peacock1In between my other projects I decided to take the challenge to make the peacock tail bag. The bag is a Mini Cal designed by Lilla Bjorn and hosted on her website . There you can find all information and all parts of this Cal. I decided also to make the bag from colors  and yarns in my stash. I have an enormous stash of SMC Catania cotton, and most colors were available in my yarn box, only one color was missing but that was found in another box with cotton of lesser quality.

Because the pattern of the bag is available in many languages, I decided to use the written dutch translation. I am not so in favor of video watching. The dutch version is translated by  Jolanda, Naomi en Yaël .

This first part was an easy one, only circle rounds and a few frontpost stitches in the last round. The bag is crocheted in both loops. This will give more solidity to the bag.You also start with the back of the bag, in which no fancy stitches are used. The instructions were easy to follow, but there were a lot of spaces missing, so you had to read the text very carefully. I miscounted the first rounds and had to do these over. By the backside I got a problem with the tension, so i think i will frog a round and do this one all over. On the picture you can see that the back is slightly smaller and a bit wobbly. In he last round the upper side of the bag is constructed by making 13 single crochet stitches. This round is also the basic round for all the overlay stitches, therefore count carefully the stitches before starting with part 2. Be sure you have the right amount of stitches in both panels.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



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