Brother Bunny

Bro_bunny3If you like sweet cuddly toys than you appreciate the Bunnies of Julie Williams and you want to hug them right away. Only you have to knit them first. On her website:  You can find all patterns of her cuddly animals. I made my first Bunny Boy this month, I call him Brother Bunny after a dutch comic. He has a small brown patch on his right arm, because I run out of yarn. Only the ears are  a bit weird. I think making them with smaller knitting needles would have made them better. Julie Williams has also patterns for the cutest sweaters and dresses, I made the green striped one after her pattern. Only the trousers are my ownJWBunnyboy doing. For Brother Bunny I used sand colored Acrylic yarn from the brand SMC Bravo, for the sweater and trouser I used Colour Crafter from the brand Scheepjes, I used also knitting needles 3.5 mm. The bunnies are knitted on 2 needles. The pattern description is very extended and gives you lot of advises how to do the bunny parts. There is also a very little part that will form the tail. I am very pleased with my Brother Bunny or Broer Konijn.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


3 thoughts on “Brother Bunny

  1. Ellen

    Such a sweetie! It’s like he has put his right paw into the pot with chocopasta 🙂 Such a happy face after all that chocolate. You did a great job ❤

  2. Alice Post author

    Thank You Ellen, I am also very pleased with Brother Bunny. He is very cuddly and i Like the chocolate tale.


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