Peacock tail bag Cal – part 3

PTC-prt3-row 17bPart 3  was going smoothly, although I overlooked some directions the first time I did row 14. So I frogged this row and started all over. This time I encountered a problem with the  cluster stitches, if I followed the directions of the pattern, my stitches would be askew so I switched the 2 and 3 hdc before and after the cluster stitch and the cluster stitches were neatly positioned. If you need to do this, then in row 15 you have to pay attention to the 4 stitches above the cluster stitches. Just make 2 hdc before and 2 hdc after the top of the cluster and all will go fine.

In the following rows no problems were met. Keep counting the stitches as before.

PTBag_p3_detIn  my work I also found no problems in row 16 and higher. All went well and no stitches were askew. Also my panel measured 25.5 cm after the last row. I am only a little bit concerned about beginnings and endings, they look a bit round. There was no need to double the frontpost stitches, all fitted neatly. I think the bag will be very nice and beautiful when finished.

greetings Elzeblaadje



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