Peacock tail bag Cal – part 5

pctbag_part5aI have finished part 5 of the Peacock Tail bag Cal. In this part you will make some shorter rows. The bag will get some more depth and the width will be the same. There are again a lot of cluster stitches to make.  In the previous part I have switched a color. I had chosen  a red as fifth color but I found the bag a bit dark so I switched the red for a light green color. I think it lightens the bag a bit more. In this part you have to count carefully, especially in the backside part, for the pieces have to be combined in part 6. The last row is a complete row. I made some extra rows for my piece was a bit too small. If you do this increase some stitches in these rows or else your bag will be a bit round on the bottom.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



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