Peacock tail bag Cal – part 6

In part 6 of the Peacock tail bag Cal the two pieces are joined together, but first I made a few extra rows in blue on each piece. My bag was a bit small er than the original pattern. The two pieces I joined on the backside of the work with a row of single crochet in red yarn. The idea is to get a small zipper seam.

Because I had not many yarn left I made two colored rounds in the top piece of the bag. I bought a zpctb_part-6_3ipper of 40 cm and placed it in the bag. I made also a little round piece to close the bag above the zipper. And I made a handle of the remnants of the blue. I crocheted around strong binding yarn, so the handle will not be too flexible. The handle was joined with two wooden rings. My bag was now finished. Only I have still to make some lining  as last step. I also decided not to use the little round part on the top, but I am not sure it is a good idea.

Greetings Elzeblaadjepctbag_fin2



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