Monster Outfit 2

The monster outfit wasn’t complete without a mask. But there was already a mask in house, the Cthulhu ski-mask I made earlier. So the mask was put into the washing machine, for it was a bit dusty and smelly.

After all the items were made we put the costume together and there was a gap between mask and t-shirt in which a naked neck was visible, so the last item I made was a neck-piece and this was sewed onto the ski-mask. Unfortunately the ordered yarn had a slightly different color green compared to the ski-mask, so I decided to make the neck-piece of a color that matched with the sweater and trouser that would complete the outfit.

The pattern of the Cthulhu mask is in my patterns section of this blog. T

he neck piece is very simple to make. Hook more rounds after the last rounds, increase in every round a few stitches across the round, make a split in the backside and from that point crochet in rows. End with an edge like:

*skip 2 st, 3 dmonstermaskc in the next st, 1 picot, 3 dc into the same st, skip 2 st and 1 sc,* repeat till end of row.

Well my son had a nice Halloween party, the mask was a bit too warm an not handy with eating, but they made nice pictures, I cannot show them, for it is private.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



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