Spirit of Life Cal finished

SoLedgeMy Spirit of Life wrap or table runner is finished! The last part was a nice edge and it was finished before christmas. Because of activity’s on other projects my blog was a bit quiet the last months or so. But I show you the results in this post.

The edge is rather simple, due to the fact I was running out of yarn. I haven’t followed the instructions on this part but made it on the way. It is constructed of several rounds of 1 sc ch 1, alternated with rounds of only sc. Mostly the cotton rounds were 1sc, ch1, and the wool rounds 2 sc in each ch space.

The wrap is very warm when used as a wrap and she is very long. A bit toot long to be used as a table runner. My table is rather small. I am very pleased with the result.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


6 thoughts on “Spirit of Life Cal finished

  1. juliascreativeyear

    Oh great job 😄. I’ve got stuck on mine just over half way through, which doesn’t make sense as I’ve done each pattern once already so it should all be OK. I Just keep finding other projects that tempt me more, when fait I should just do a little bit at a time and get on with it. We’ll done for keeping going with yours. The colours are gorgeous and it looks fab 😊

    1. Alice Post author

      Thank you for the compliments, i am rather pleased with the result.
      Maybe you can finish the half wrap you made and turn it into something else, like a cushion cover. or you can promise yourself a bonus for doing a part. If You lost interest it is difficult to start again. I have also projects I haven’t finished yet, sometimes i make a deal with myself, like first to finish an old project before starting a new one. Succes, Elzeblaadje


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