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My way of making things

proeflapjeMaybe it is a bit quiet on my blog, but it is not quiet in my working hands. There were a lot of things i was doing with needles, hook and yarn. But it is all a bit different from the usual.

So it came a month ago, to my mind to make a cardigan without sleeves and decorated with sunflowers. I will blog about it later on. Luckily it is almost finished. I designed the sunflowers myself

Furthermore on the same time, I become to like the persian Tiles blanket, but I was not in the mood to order the colors and amounts I needed to make the blanket. By then the new colors of the Persian Tiles were published. A very sweet version of the persian Tiles is becoming very popular. Very nice to see but a bit too sweet for my taste. It came into my mind: Why not make the blanket of the many remnants of yarn I have in my boxes. So I started with this project.

And then my Sister in law showed me a nice bolero in a magazine and I want to make it one of these days for my daughter, just like a cable shawl and some other things I liked to do.

So you know now I am too busy to blog. I think every craftster has many projects she likes, some they will finish and some will be forever on its way. I try to do not to many things at the same time, but this autumn I became involved into many projects and I forgot my golden rule, finish first something before starting a new project.

And now the spirit of life Cal came online. I think I am going to be crazy for I have also I nice idea to make this Cal with yarn from stash. The picture above is the try out of the spirit of life Cal in my own special way.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


The Ross Poldark Blanket Cal

rossdeken7I have participated in the Ross Poldark Blanket Cal. So the last 2 months I was busy with crocheting the panels and squares of the blanket. I made it from my stash, although I had to order some extra skeins of certain colors. Because i was out of silver and didn’t liked the grey colors I have replaced them with sage and cloud blue, also copper and mocha were replaced with claret and gold, and black with midnight. In one block I have used a little bit of raspberry. The color names you can find bij Stylecraft special dk acrylic yarn.

For the pattern I used the dutch written version. In the description I sometimes had to look on the pictures, because nowhere was written in which stitch in the underlying row or round, a bpdc or fpdc was anchored. That was a bit annoying, But luckily there was a big picture of the square of panel in which you could see all details.

I have used 12 and a half skein of yarn, but I think there is also a half skein of threads left. The last week I was very busy with all the loose threads to finish off and to sew the seams together. That was more work than crocheting the panels itself. And there is still a row to be done.

The edge I created myself is very simple, just some little dots and row of sc stitches. I ended with a a row of midnight sc and each 6th stitch a fptc.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Peacock tail bag Cal – part 6

In part 6 of the Peacock tail bag Cal the two pieces are joined together, but first I made a few extra rows in blue on each piece. My bag was a bit small er than the original pattern. The two pieces I joined on the backside of the work with a row of single crochet in red yarn. The idea is to get a small zipper seam.

Because I had not many yarn left I made two colored rounds in the top piece of the bag. I bought a zpctb_part-6_3ipper of 40 cm and placed it in the bag. I made also a little round piece to close the bag above the zipper. And I made a handle of the remnants of the blue. I crocheted around strong binding yarn, so the handle will not be too flexible. The handle was joined with two wooden rings. My bag was now finished. Only I have still to make some lining  as last step. I also decided not to use the little round part on the top, but I am not sure it is a good idea.

Greetings Elzeblaadjepctbag_fin2


Peacock tail bag Cal – part 5

pctbag_part5aI have finished part 5 of the Peacock Tail bag Cal. In this part you will make some shorter rows. The bag will get some more depth and the width will be the same. There are again a lot of cluster stitches to make.  In the previous part I have switched a color. I had chosen  a red as fifth color but I found the bag a bit dark so I switched the red for a light green color. I think it lightens the bag a bit more. In this part you have to count carefully, especially in the backside part, for the pieces have to be combined in part 6. The last row is a complete row. I made some extra rows for my piece was a bit too small. If you do this increase some stitches in these rows or else your bag will be a bit round on the bottom.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Peacock tail bag Cal – part 4

ptc-prt4-_3Part 4 is done. It took some time, but it gave no great difficulties to make. I was busy with other things so I was not so concentrated on this part. The row 22 was a slow one, al those cluster stitches took there time, especially the stitch that is used, the modified tr4tog, is hard to crochet, especially the last tr. I think my yarn was not as elastic as it should have been.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Peacock tail bag Cal – part 3

PTC-prt3-row 17bPart 3  was going smoothly, although I overlooked some directions the first time I did row 14. So I frogged this row and started all over. This time I encountered a problem with the  cluster stitches, if I followed the directions of the pattern, my stitches would be askew so I switched the 2 and 3 hdc before and after the cluster stitch and the cluster stitches were neatly positioned. If you need to do this, then in row 15 you have to pay attention to the 4 stitches above the cluster stitches. Just make 2 hdc before and 2 hdc after the top of the cluster and all will go fine.

In the following rows no problems were met. Keep counting the stitches as before.

PTBag_p3_detIn  my work I also found no problems in row 16 and higher. All went well and no stitches were askew. Also my panel measured 25.5 cm after the last row. I am only a little bit concerned about beginnings and endings, they look a bit round. There was no need to double the frontpost stitches, all fitted neatly. I think the bag will be very nice and beautiful when finished.

greetings Elzeblaadje


Peacock tail bag Cal – part 2

Part 1 was easy going, but it is the base of part 2 and that is a different story. And when in the base something goes wrong, part 2 becomes a hooking torture. And so it did. My advice: control round 6 and 7 of part 1 before continuing with row 8 in part 2, count the stitches carefully, do this also for the back panel. look for flaws in the rounds! frog if necessarily! I miscounted in the spaces between the frontpost, because the frontpost’s were in my opinion not neatly positioned along the round.

In round 8 there is a gap in the round, so from now on we crochet in rows. The gap in between my front panel is 15 stitches, 13 +2. It is wise to mark them with a stitch-marker. make sure the gap is exactly the same in both panels. This is not clearly mentioned in the pattern.


The rows start from now on with a standing dc or hdc.  Also the cluster stitches are a bit different, follow the links in the pattern for more information. The Cluster stitches are positioning right above the frontpost stitches of round 6, when making the stitches in this row you can put them in a wrong position whenever there is a flaw in round 6 or 7, so keep attention and count carefully. If you are doing right, the total stitch-count is 75.  Between the cluster stitches there has to be 7 stitches including the frontpost stitch. Row 9 will give no problems if there are 75 stitches in row 8.

In row 10 of bagLB_peacock_row10the front side, I had to smuggle a bit. You can skip a few increases when there are more stitches in your count or make an extra stitch whenever your count is lesser. But keep in mind it can bring you in difficulties in rows to come. Now my count is the same as in the pattern, 84 stitches. Also the cluster and frontpost stitches are evenly distributed around the row.


In row 12  there were more frontpost stitches to make. These stitches lie directly above the cluster stitches of row 8 (color green).

In row 13 I encountered no problems with the pattern or the making of this row. Keep in mind that the 3 frontpost sc stitches lie directly above the cluster stitches of row 10 and there are 5 Hdc stitches above the frontpost stitches of row 11 and it will go easy.

I am also even on the backside panel of the bag. That took a lot of counting for I had missed a few stitches in row 8, but row 10 and higher have now the correct amount of stitches and the backside panel and frontpanel are of the same size. My panels are only a bit smaller than the pattern dictates.

Part 2 was costing more time than I had in mind. It learned me that i had to keep focused on the stitch count and so on.

Greetings Elzeblaadje