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Presents of December

In december 2016 it was present time, so I made some gifts to unwrap on Christmas. But the presents had to be small and light for they had to travel overseas in a suitcase. It was difficult to imagine what the family would like to have. Nowadays everybody has all kinds of things so what present is there to give. My idea was to make a slipcover to put in a ladies bag in which you can protect your phone or you can put some other item in, like a smal box of paper handkerchiefs ore something else.

The slipcovers, I made three for three ladies, where all made from nice colorful cotton. I use often SMC Catania for it has a nice shiny touch. Every cover is made from 2 small Granny squares. They were combined to a small case. After joining them I made a bottom and an upper part with a flap wherein a buttonhole was made. The granny pattern came from a book, but it was a bit too big, so I altered the last rounds of the grannies. Most work came afterwards, the threads hanging loose.

Greetings Elzeblaadje
hoesje2 hoesje


Mandala Madness 3

I have finished the third part of the Mandala Madness Cal. It was a difficult process for I mis read the pattern and I ended with 22 dc in the last round in stead of 19, but some frogging did MMCAL3dit. Just keep your head clear and count, count and count again. The last round was also a bit complicated. I just did not see over how many stitches a ruffle stitch is made. At the end I read the description again and it occurred to be 3 stitches. Now it went smoothly. I am satisfied with the result of the third part.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Mandala Madness 2

The second part of my Mandala Madness is completed. It was for me a total surprise to see theMMCAL2-2 star, the Mandala is transforming too, in this part of the Cal. I hadn’t expected it to happen. It was also difficult for me to choose the colors in this round. I have finally repeated the licht green of the center piece, in the first rounds. it is Colour Crafter yarn. For the rounds around the leaves I choose salmon and for the last round I choose an even more lighter greenish yarn also from Colour Crafter yarn. The little light green leaves are now clear in view. The last round was a tiresome round to make. I hope I haven’t made mistakes in it. I am not in te mood to repeat the round. The inner corners I found a bit sloppy, but maybe there is a solution in the following rounds, I haven’t seen the description of these rounds yet, only some pictures on facebook and to my surprise the star becomes round again and changes in a big flower. The Mandala Madness piece is already large enough to make in a cushion, but seen the third part, I expect also to crochet this piece and form a round cushion cover of it.

Greetings ElzeblaadjeMMCAL2-1

Frida’s Flowers CAL

lilypond_part2bI have almost finished my garden blanket, so I have now time to think about a new project. There are 2 Cals I like to join in. First the Frida’s Flowers blanket designed bij Jane Crowfoot and second the Mandala Madness designed by Helen Shrimpton. Because I was hooked to my blanket, I haven’t followed the preparations very well. But now I will. The MM CAL has already begon and the first Mandala’s are to be found on facebook. I have some trouble with the colors people have chosen, I haven’t found a nice color scheme already. I think I will only do the first rounds and make a cushion cover with it. The FF CAL starts in april. I have checked my stash and there where enough balls of wool to start the FF and with ordering some new balls I will have sufficient yarn to make the whole blanket. Because Eastern is near I will start this weekend with the Mandala Madness. I will use the leftovers from my Garden Blanket and some new yarn I ordered a few weeks ago. I think this will be sufficient for a cushion cover.

Have a nice day, Elzeblaadje



Book cover pattern

The pattern of the book cover I made for my art-journal is written and uploaded to my blog. It is also available in dutch. It is an easy pattern. The yarn I used is Katia Jaipur, a very thin yarn, with many color changes. You need not much yarn, just a skein or for a very small book half a skein.

The pattern is to be found here >> book-cover-pattern

The dutch pattern is available on >> Elzeboom

boekjesomslag3a boekjesomslag1a

Booklet cover

boekjesomslag3aFor my art-journal of 2016 I made a cover with Katia Jaipur nr 205. I used half a skein.

The pattern of the booklet cover (A6) is ( ch1, 1 sc) repeat and end with 1ch.

Cast on 50 ch and hook 2 or more rows of sc. Start with the pattern, but on begin and end of each row hook 4 sc. For the front and back edge of the cover hook 2-4 rows of sc. End also with 2 rows of sc, Crochet an edge with the pattern around the cover, 2 rows of the pattern will do. Fold the flaps inside and crochet them together. Crochet 2 ch of 50 stitches and attach them to the front an back flap, see pictures

The booklet cover is also fixed with some elastic through the rings of the booklet.

The ginger breadman is a gift from my SIL,

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Cushion cover

The circles of the sun cotscal-ready2stripessquares are assimilated in a cushion cover. I have joined the squares with the zipper method, so you get a nice rim between the squares. My niece wanted some cushion covers, so the first was ready. For the second I used the leftover yarns of the Cal. For the Cal I used 6 colors of SMC Bravo to make the squares. Now the two cushions have the same coloring The second cushion cover is striped. I used  some nice stitches to make a nice effect. I used bobble stitches and Catherine wheels, made a line with hearts and in between a line of dots. The backside of the cushion covers is yellow fleece and they are closed with some wooden buttons from my stash. The orange dots are easy to make, you need 3 colors yarn. first make a band with color 1 and crochet 1 sc, ch 1 sk 1, repeat till end. Crochet the same stitches with color 2 but now the sc is made in the chain-space of color 1. With color 3 you crochet a row of 2 sc in each chain-space of color 2, skip the sc of color 2.

Greetings Elzeblaadje