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Christmas Elves by Alan Dart

I fell in love with the tree elves of Alan Dart. The tree trimmers of Alan Dart are very small dollies, they will not take many hours to make. It is knitting, but a experienced crocheter will make them also in no time at all just by looking at them. But I like knitting and small pieces don’t make me afraid. so I made two Elves the last weeks.

The making of the elves from the little pieces is a bit complex. I had problems with the mattress stitch, because the pieces are so little. But you can use other stitches as well. The used yarn is Phildar pronostic + and some small amounts of Scheepjes invicta and a little bit of golden yarn. The elves are knitted on needles 3.0 mm. The elves are about 20 cm high.

Because it is Christmas Time, I decorated the Elves with golden yarn. Furthermore I put some pipe cleaners in arms and legs and now they can sit and climb up and down the tree branches of my christmas tree.

Maybe I make some more tree climbers, Elzeblaadje


Brother Bunny

Bro_bunny3If you like sweet cuddly toys than you appreciate the Bunnies of Julie Williams and you want to hug them right away. Only you have to knit them first. On her website:  You can find all patterns of her cuddly animals. I made my first Bunny Boy this month, I call him Brother Bunny after a dutch comic. He has a small brown patch on his right arm, because I run out of yarn. Only the ears are  a bit weird. I think making them with smaller knitting needles would have made them better. Julie Williams has also patterns for the cutest sweaters and dresses, I made the green striped one after her pattern. Only the trousers are my ownJWBunnyboy doing. For Brother Bunny I used sand colored Acrylic yarn from the brand SMC Bravo, for the sweater and trouser I used Colour Crafter from the brand Scheepjes, I used also knitting needles 3.5 mm. The bunnies are knitted on 2 needles. The pattern description is very extended and gives you lot of advises how to do the bunny parts. There is also a very little part that will form the tail. I am very pleased with my Brother Bunny or Broer Konijn.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Oh it is OctoDad

Yelled my little cousin, when she unwrapped her present. And so it was. I had made her a ODad1new dolly that resembles Octodad.

I knitted the doll on circular needles and normal needles, wit some leftover cotton in the colors of the action-figurine of the populair game. The doll is about 24 cm or 9 inch high and bendable.

I am not totally satisfied with the head, so maybe I make a second dolly with some improvements before releasing the pattern.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


In Discworld (a book serie by Terry Pratchett) a pixie folk is living, known as the wee ffeeglemanree man or Feegles. The pictsies, as they are called, are in the books 6 inch long and have a blue colored skin. The blue is a result of many tattoos. They all have orange-red hair. The tattoos identify there clans. They are all male and very strong. They spend their time drinking and fighting and doing things that are forbidden in the world.

I made some amigurumi Feegles and the pattern of the main Feegle man is to be found under pattern and so >> discworld . All other Feegles are variations on the same pattern, just add a round for a longer Feegle or a stitch less in the head rounds for a smaller head. I like to use my imagination to make up the other Feegles and their clothes and attributes. It is more fun  in this way. The Feegles are 10 – 12 cm high (4-5 inch) and made of blue and orange cotton yarn.

I hope you enjoy much the making of Feegles as I did.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


David Bowie doll

dbpop7A great man has died. I will honor him with a special blog about the David Bowie doll project. In 2014 I knitted this special doll. Read about it in David Bowie doll project. It was a special project for a client, who is a great fan of the musician and his music. She is inconsolable about his depart. I hope my special blog will sheer her up a bit. My client is very handy with he hook but  not with the knitting needles. So she asked me to make her a doll, resembling David Bowie. For me it was a fun project, because i discovered that there were a lot of knitted costumes and outfits. In my enthousiasme I made several outfits for the doll. My client made him a guitar. The pattern of the doll is not mine, but easy to make. From the outfits are no patterns available, but maybe you are inspired to make your own David Bowie Fan doll for someone who loves the music.

Greetings Elzeblaadjedbpop5davidBpop1dbpop4

Pat & Mat pattern online

In the pattern section of my blog you can now find my version of Pat and Mat. Pat and Mat are two very clumsy neighbors. They do everything wrong. The video’s are to view on you tube.

patenmat2A year ago I made the dolls, after a picture in a magazine. I was discontent with the dolls I found on the internet and wanted to make my own version.  That succeeded in two nice dress-up dolls. I made a few outfits to dress them in. The patterns of these outfits are to download in due time.  For now the basic clothes and the dolls are to download from my pattern page. The basic clothes are easy to make if you know the basics from crochet or knitting. The distinctive hats are also described in the basic pattern and further some simple shoes. The dolls are about 20 cm or 7 a 8 inch tall.

Have fun,

A je to, Elzeblaadje

ps the Dutch version of the pattern is to find on