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The Enchanted Tree in Fantasialand

fairygardenI started with my blog in 2013 with the intention to show all beings of my Fantasia-land world.

But it took some time before I published my first Fantasia pattern. Now I have published my second pattern, the Enchanted Fairy Tree.

The pattern is all about making a nice  fantasy tree. You need some brown and  some different colored yarns, for example SMC Catania cotton. Furthermore a small hook, 2.5 mm, a carton roll, some coated wire, some aggravation, like stones, some light-weight stuffing and  a yarn needle.

Think about putting some stones in the base of the tree, so it will stand alone. Make your balls with light stuffing. How you have to construct the roots is all in the pattern description.

The pattern is to be found on this page >> Enchanted Fairy Tree

Succes, Elzeblaadje



Fairy Pattern version 2

l-elfje 2I have updated the Fairy pattern. Version 2.1 is now available on my blog.  The update contains the fairy pattern, the making of fairy clothes and the making of gnomes wit the same pattern.

The fairies are crocheted and about 11/12 cm high. They have little hands and feet and special ears. They have also wings. The pattern includes 2 kind of wings, so you can choose or make your own wings. The fairies are mini-dolls, so you can dress them up. Use your own imagination to make a nice dress or outfit.

The gnomes are also crocheted with the fairy pattern. Only they can’t be dressed up or only partly, because the clothes aren’t separately crocheted.

Gnomes and fairies live in Fantasia Land, in a secret valley, where a big enchanted tree protects the fairies and gnomes from discovery. Make your own Fantasia land and crochet all kinds of creatures and beings, that dwell in your secret garden. The pattern of the tree will also soon be available. The pattern of the fairy is to be found in the pattern section of my blog.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Dutch pattern of a fairy

k-elfjeI have translated my fairy pattern into dutch and published it on

Soon I will also update the English pattern in a more extended version,

The pattern can be used to crochet Fairies and gnomes. They are 12 cm high and have cute little hands and feet. They have also fairy ears and wings. Crochet them with a thin hook and make them so small as possible. Make your own dresses and hair. Just use your own imagination to crate these very little fantasy beings.

Greetings Elzeblaadje




Merry Christmas

Dear visitors and followers,

It is a busy time this time of year in Mansion Elzeblaadje, so my blog lacks some attention. I hope You forgive me. In the meanwhile I am also very busy with knitting and crocheting and writing patterns down, but the time is limited, these days, so you have to be patient. In fantasy land the gnomes and fairies haven been celebrating under the enchanted tree, for it is the time of the year in which the seasons shifts. It was a huge party and everybody is exhausted. But in the new year they will welcome new bothers and sisters.

Have a nice Christmas, Elzeblaadje


White blossom Fairy

k-elfjeIsn’t she pretty, the white blossom fairy. I made her a dress and a jacket of blossom leaves, with a golden border. The jacket has a gap, where the wings will be positioned, but they hasn’t grown yet from my hook. The dress is made from Catania fine cotton with hook 2.0 mm. The hair is some left over wool-acrylmix. The little fairy can be made to fly into the Christmas tree and she will watch over it.

I found a few points where I can improve the pattern a little bit. But for now the fairy pattern is free and in the pattern section of my blog, The improved pattern will soon be uploaded.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

New fairy

elfjeI am busy rewriting the fairy pattern. It occurred to me that some part were not very clear, so I decided to make a new fairy. It will also be a present. It took me some hours to make all the parts, But I learned a lot following my own pattern. I will write first the fairy pattern in dutch and then rewrite the English pattern.
I am now busy with the hairs and dress of this new fairy, maybe it will become a Christmas fairy.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Fairy garden meeting


fairygarden ellenYesterday my Sister in law came to visit my family and she could admire my fairy garden and all it inhabitants. But to my surprise she also had her fairy garden with her. So the two of them meet. It was nice to talk about our hobby, and look at what I was making and brewing in my work basket. She also had a little surprise for me, the first little bird from my pattern. It is a very nice birdie.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

fairygarden alice