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The Enchanted Tree in Fantasialand

fairygardenI started with my blog in 2013 with the intention to show all beings of my Fantasia-land world.

But it took some time before I published my first Fantasia pattern. Now I have published my second pattern, the Enchanted Fairy Tree.

The pattern is all about making a nice  fantasy tree. You need some brown and  some different colored yarns, for example SMC Catania cotton. Furthermore a small hook, 2.5 mm, a carton roll, some coated wire, some aggravation, like stones, some light-weight stuffing and  a yarn needle.

Think about putting some stones in the base of the tree, so it will stand alone. Make your balls with light stuffing. How you have to construct the roots is all in the pattern description.

The pattern is to be found on this page >> Enchanted Fairy Tree

Succes, Elzeblaadje



Dutch pattern of a fairy

k-elfjeI have translated my fairy pattern into dutch and published it on

Soon I will also update the English pattern in a more extended version,

The pattern can be used to crochet Fairies and gnomes. They are 12 cm high and have cute little hands and feet. They have also fairy ears and wings. Crochet them with a thin hook and make them so small as possible. Make your own dresses and hair. Just use your own imagination to crate these very little fantasy beings.

Greetings Elzeblaadje




Merry Christmas

Dear visitors and followers,

It is a busy time this time of year in Mansion Elzeblaadje, so my blog lacks some attention. I hope You forgive me. In the meanwhile I am also very busy with knitting and crocheting and writing patterns down, but the time is limited, these days, so you have to be patient. In fantasy land the gnomes and fairies haven been celebrating under the enchanted tree, for it is the time of the year in which the seasons shifts. It was a huge party and everybody is exhausted. But in the new year they will welcome new bothers and sisters.

Have a nice Christmas, Elzeblaadje


Fantasy: Imp

imp1I fell in love with this little creature. It is an imp, a little fantasy figurine with tail, wings, big ears, bright eyes, horn, sharp teeth and claws.

It flies around and does all kind of naughty things in the house. I also liked the yellow color of the cotton yarn. It makes the imp a sweet little thing.

In the wings I have constructed thin wire, so the wings stand out. The tail gives the imp2creature more solidity. It also has a white thorn.

I still haven’t written the pattern down, maybe I will do it some day or make a second imp, so they can meet and fly together.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

New container

empty CAL container In the sale my husband found this nice lantern. He knew there was a CAL and I needed a container for the CAL. I had already a wooden box, but I liked the lantern so much, he bought it. It will be used for the terrarium CAL. On the photo it is still empty. It will be a challenge to put some crocheted objects in it. But I like challenges and it is much fun to make something nice and wonderful.

I also ordered some nice cotton yarn, with wonderful bright colors. I couldn’t resist it, although I have boxes full of yarn. I simple have never enough.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

The green dragon

minidraak2My green dragon was finished before the fairy garden came along. He was one of my u.f.o’s (unfinished object). I Think it was for a very long time in my basket, wrapped in a plastic bag lay an unfinished green body, with no limbs and no wings . But After christmas, with the christmas decorations done and in the christmas tree, another crochet project, it occurred to my that I had to do something with my u.f.o projects and so I took the green cotton yarn in my hand, and finished my little dragon. It was just fun to do so. It is not my own design, the little dragon fellow is al over the internet, made by many hookers.

Why I put the dragon online, it is especially for my friend, that liked and feels dragons all over in this world although they live in their own world. My dragon has met his mate, the little golden dragon and they are nesting together in a carton box, waiting for the eggs to hatch.

Greeting, Elzeblaadje