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Monster Outfit 2

The monster outfit wasn’t complete without a mask. But there was already a mask in house, the Cthulhu ski-mask I made earlier. So the mask was put into the washing machine, for it was a bit dusty and smelly.

After all the items were made we put the costume together and there was a gap between mask and t-shirt in which a naked neck was visible, so the last item I made was a neck-piece and this was sewed onto the ski-mask. Unfortunately the ordered yarn had a slightly different color green compared to the ski-mask, so I decided to make the neck-piece of a color that matched with the sweater and trouser that would complete the outfit.

The pattern of the Cthulhu mask is in my patterns section of this blog. T

he neck piece is very simple to make. Hook more rounds after the last rounds, increase in every round a few stitches across the round, make a split in the backside and from that point crochet in rows. End with an edge like:

*skip 2 st, 3 dmonstermaskc in the next st, 1 picot, 3 dc into the same st, skip 2 st and 1 sc,* repeat till end of row.

Well my son had a nice Halloween party, the mask was a bit too warm an not handy with eating, but they made nice pictures, I cannot show them, for it is private.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



The dark days are near


What do you think about some horror crochet, just for this time of the year! Crochet some skulls in big and small things like shawls, mittens  and hats. Or make a nice pumpkin hat for your baby or child.

If you want to scare some one you van make an Cthulhu ski mask and if you want a nice present for a dear one make a zergy or an other starcraft plush. You can even make a Cthulhu bag to take with you on your autumn scrolls.

Much fun with my autumn patterns and ideas, Elzeblaadje



Cthulhu Ski Mask Pattern

It is finskimaskc2ished, my own version of a Cthulhu Ski Mask. I have tried to make a picture with somebody in it, but only a stone head was available. But the hat fits a large head. And you can also adjust the pattern a bit for other size heads.  More information on the page of the ski mask or you can find it under Pattern and so >> Cthulhu Project  in the menu bar above this page.

Much fun, Elzeblaadje

Cthulhu Patterns

Bad weather can be positively used, for I have updated my Cthulhu patterns. They are now ready. First I updated the Cthulhu amigurumi. This mini -thulhu-pattern is revised a bit. Furthermore I hcthbag_eyesave finished the Cthulhu Handbag Pattern and uploaded it to my blog. So now you can read how I made this handbag and maybe you will construct your own Cthulhu handbag. But Keep in mind The Ancient One, although sleeping will know what you do. In store is the Cthulhu Ski Mask pattern, for it isn’t finished yet, but there are more cthulhu ski mask patterns in Ravelry to be found. The patterns are to be found in pattern and so in the main menu.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Cthulhu handbag 4

C-bag3Tara .. The bag is finished. Isn’t Cthulhu the ancient one that rises from the see an awesome creature?  Look at her and see her horrible face. In fact the face is a cover and underneath is her stomach, where you can hide your secret things.

I have written the pattern down for those who want to make also a nice Cthulhu bag. For now you can send me an e-mail when you consider making the bag. The pattern is written in English.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Cthulhu Handbag 3

cthulhubag_5The handbag with the first tentacles! It gives a nice idea how the handbag will look like when it is finished. I am not satisfied with the eyes, they are to small. I am going to look for some larger beads. The two tentacles in the middle form also a kind of nose, they are crocheted together. In this picture nothing is yet sewed on to the cover. First I have to solve the problem of the handles. How do I make nice handles that fit the bag. I have some ideas but  I don’t know if they are practicable.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje