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Mushrooms and Toadstools

SU1Did you loved my autumn cardigan with the toadstools? I have put the pattern of the toadstools online You can find the pattern here >>>> Toadstool Pattern page.

The pattern was designed for the extended parts of my Sophie’s Universe Blanket. The band is crocheted in rows, so it is suitable to incorporate in a cardigan or sweater.

An other band I designed is the butterfly band. You can find the pattern here >>>> Butterfly Band pattern page

I hope many sweaters and cardigans will be made with butterflies, mushrooms and toadstools this autumn.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Autumn cardigan

ts-cardigan3Well, it is been a bit quiet on my blog. I was busy with my garden, a blanket, relaxing and a food forest. No time for blogging was left. But today I am back. I am showing my new autumn cardigan. I made it this spring and after it was finished the weather became more nice and my cardigan wasn’t worn.

The theme of my cardigan was autumn. I made rows of toadstools, flowers, bees and leaves. The yarn is Stylecraft special DK and the hook 4.0 mm, There are nine colors in the cardigan and the size is XL. On my ravelry  You find more information and pictures.

The toadstool band is also used on my Sophie’s Garden Blanket, in the extended parts. For the sleeves I created a band with little mushrooms.

I hope you like my creation. Greetings Elzeblaadje

Secret Garden Blanket 6

Do you remember my secret garden blanket? It is finished and almost ready to hang on the wall. In the last post i made a edge of roses. I had the idea that some water in my garden would be nice so I made two rows of ditches with some flowers like the yellow lis on the banks of the ditch. It is not so complicated to make. But there are a lot of rows to crochet.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Sophie’s Universe 4

uitbreiding SULast weeks my Sophie’s Universe was hidden in the closet for a while. I had no idea how to go on with the blanket. Should I make the squares of part 19, Jack an Lydia or should I make my own contribution  to the blanket. My head was empty, my hands still. I used the time to make a shawl and to go on with part 4 of the Lily Pond Cal. Furthermore the family also needed some attention. But all came round. After browsing many websites and books, I came upon crocheting a strip of bobble stitches as first band of the extended Sophie’s Universe. Making the bobbles it occurred to me that I had to stay in the garden with Sophie. Behind the gate there are the wild things like trees and mushrooms, slugs and beetles and so on. So I made a drawing of the new rounds and the mushroom central in it. It was just what I needed to go on and so in a few days I made my band with mushrooms and baby-mushrooms. So now my garden is extended with the wild woods. The bobbles turned out to be berries. What will come next, I don’t know on the moment. I am thinking of dragonflies, beetles and snails.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

frogs and flowers

frogs and flowersCrochet on the table in an old or new lantern, I crocheted a tree frog and a orchid and placed the on a branch of one of mine garden shrubs. The tree frog came from roman-sock, A page full of nice little patterns.

The orchid is my own idea. On the table was a nice flowering orchid and I copied it a bit, The plants are fasten on the branches with small wire. The pattern for the frog included some bright eyes, but I hadn’t these in my stash, so I made the eyes with yarn.

On the bottom of the glass container is froggieanother frog. This one is crocheted wit very small yarn, katia jaipur. The frog turned out to be an nice beast, I made the eyes this time with some wooden orange beads. She turned out to be a rather nice frog.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Autumn flowers

autumn flowers

My box is full of flowers and autumn  leaves, all crocheted. It is a colorful picture. I am going to sew the flowers and leaves on a bag. But I am still wondering what the best way to do it will be. Will I make a crocheted base or will I sew the object directly unto the bag. The flowers an leaves patterns are all from a book. The resemblance with real flowers and leaves is very natural and good.

Greetings Elzeblaadje