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Purple gloves

gloves2My neighbor asked me to make her a pair of warm gloves and they had to be purple. It was a challenge to make them. First they had to match a favorite scarf, but purple is a difficult color. So I lend the scarf and went to a wool shop. The lady in the shop advised me to buy  two different kinds of yarns, that matched the scarf. At home me and my neighbor Ana choose the  alpaca yarn. Then I had to find a pattern that matched the yarn. I also didn’t want to knit on four needles or circulair needles. But most patterns are knitted in the round. Luckily my Sister in Law found me a sirdar pattern of gloves knitted with two needles and with the same size my yarn needed. So I started knitting and within a week the gloves were ready. Afterwards a few things could be better. Like the thumb and the fingertips, but that is for a second pair of gloves. For more details visit my ravelry page!

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Halloween preparations 5

The Monster outfit isn’t complete without a claw-hand, so I hooked an new one, with a better color green and red claw-nails. This yarn was better and softer and easier to crochet. I used a hook 4.0 mm and the Yarn is Stylecraft special dk. The claw is easy to hook. Just a couple of hours and it is ready.

Tomorrow more about the Monster outfit, Elzeblaadje

Halloween preparations 1

Well, Halloween is near and I am making a nice costume. The first thing I made was a claw hand. It is a trial. The real thing will be made from some better yarn and a nicer color. I am curious to your preparations and costumes. More over the costume in an other post in the next days.

greetings Elzeblaadjeclawhand1 clawhand2

The dark days are near


What do you think about some horror crochet, just for this time of the year! Crochet some skulls in big and small things like shawls, mittens  and hats. Or make a nice pumpkin hat for your baby or child.

If you want to scare some one you van make an Cthulhu ski mask and if you want a nice present for a dear one make a zergy or an other starcraft plush. You can even make a Cthulhu bag to take with you on your autumn scrolls.

Much fun with my autumn patterns and ideas, Elzeblaadje



Skull Gauntlets in green

groene skull gauntletsNow winter is coming, a pair of skull gauntlets will be fine to wear. I have already made several pairs. This green pair is made for my little sister, who wants to wear them by her black winter coat with some  thin gloves underneath.

Making the gauntlets is easy doing and cost only some hours. 50 grams Yarn is mostly sufficient, although it can be less. This pair I made with hook 3.5 and I crocheted a row of shells more, so the gauntlets are a bit wider.

The yarn is Acrylic Stylecraft DK extra, a mix of green, light green and dark green colors. I think they are lovely, and the skulls well visible.

The pattern can be found under pattern and so!

Greetings, Elzeblaadje



The Skull Gauntlets are regularly downloaded. Some visitors made them also and put a link to my ravelry account. I am very pleased with it.

I had made also some nice pairs, but they were all be given away. So this weekend I made a pair for myself. it goes bye the Skull shawl,  made this summer.  I got also an idea to make a cap. That is my new project and much more complicated than I had in mind, the first cap or helmet is already made, But I haven’t even started writing so there is much work to be done.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Skull Gauntlets Pattern

gauntletsThe skull gauntlets pattern is online. I hope that my readers like it. It was fun to make the gauntlets and write the pattern down. They are very easy to make and cost you only a few hours to crochet. The pattern is for free and not meant to be sold. Everybody can make his own pair of gauntlets if wanted. You can find the pattern here:

Lots of fun with the pattern, Elzeblaadje