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Baby Knittings

I like to knit sweaters and cardigans for very little children and babies. Last year I made some items from the klompelompe book. I made a beanie and a vest, called granddad’s vest from a ball of Stylecraft special DK named silver. The klompelompe designs are very easy patterns and they look great on babies and small children. I have also made a nice pink dress, a bolero and some more vests.

Knitting is a relaxing thing to do and you can combine it with some television series. If you haven’t tried it you should do one day.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Baby Knitting — Spencer and Toad hat

toadcap4This year I made some nice baby outfits. But I didn’t blogged about it because most baby knits are surprises for the mama’s and papa’s to be! For a little boy in England, that was born this summer, I made a very little debardeur or spencer. Along with it I made a Toad hat and a simple Just born hat with stripes. The toad hat was inspired by Mario bros from Nintendo. The debardeur was a pattern from Tante Hilde (aunt Hilde) . A toadstool applique was hooked to decorate the spencer. The spencer can be opened on the sides and shoulders so you can easy wrap your baby in it. The big bear showed the outfit. The baby size was 62 cm. The used Yarn Katia Peques. Needle 2.5 and 3 mm were needed. The toad hat was my own design.

Greetings Elzeblaadjebeer-met-spencer2babyjhesje

The dark days are near


What do you think about some horror crochet, just for this time of the year! Crochet some skulls in big and small things like shawls, mittens  and hats. Or make a nice pumpkin hat for your baby or child.

If you want to scare some one you van make an Cthulhu ski mask and if you want a nice present for a dear one make a zergy or an other starcraft plush. You can even make a Cthulhu bag to take with you on your autumn scrolls.

Much fun with my autumn patterns and ideas, Elzeblaadje



Busy, Busy

hoodieI am busy with hooking and knitting projects, but there isn’t a thing yet to show. I am also full with ideas and discovered the making of Art-Journals, which keeps me enthralled. (for my blog about my art-journal visit life of alice) So I can’t tell or show something new, but I can still write a post about some things that I made in 2015.

In the autumn I made some hoodies, nothing spectacular, just what knitting and playing with yarn and needles. More people made hoodies. It was rather popular on Facebook and Pinterest. knithoodieMost of the hoodies are very simple, just a right piece of knitted cloth sewed together. To make them adorable some ears are sewed onto the head part. It looks nice on children, but do you want to walk around in a shopping mall looking like an animal?

On Elzeboom , my dutch site, I wrote how you can make your own green hoodie. Maybe one day, I will translate the description of the hoodie(s) into English or you can use google translate 🙂 for the green one.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



Cthulhu Ski Mask Pattern

It is finskimaskc2ished, my own version of a Cthulhu Ski Mask. I have tried to make a picture with somebody in it, but only a stone head was available. But the hat fits a large head. And you can also adjust the pattern a bit for other size heads.  More information on the page of the ski mask or you can find it under Pattern and so >> Cthulhu Project  in the menu bar above this page.

Much fun, Elzeblaadje

Skull caps and so

skulmutsThe crocheted skull cap on my blog is very popular. There are many hits and downloads. Mostly people find my pattern on Ravelry. Only I don’t know of the cap is really made and wear. Therefore I would ask you down-loaders, if you want to send me a picture or post it on Ravelry in the projects section if you have made the cap. I am very curious if adding a free pattern is appreciated.

A few weeks ago I could lend a porcelain head, so now I can take a much better picture of the skull caps and of the caps and hats in my stash. Doesn’t it looks fine? Soon  more pictures of hats and caps.

Greetings Elzeblaadje.

Skull hats

slouchskullhatMaking a Skull hat isn’t difficult. I made this one, a slouch hat matching the skull gauntlets in a few hours. First you have to make the hem. Measure therefore the outline of the head. Make the hem a bit smaller, elsewhere it will sit to loose. Crochet then the shells and the skull and finish it with decreasing the shells. The yarn is Stylecraft DK and the hook 3.5 mm. I have written the pattern down so you can make your own hat.  A smaller cap with skulls is also written down and to find in the pattern menu.

>> Skull slouch hat – eng pattern

Greetings, Elzeblaadje