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Spirit of Life Cal 1

proeflapjeThe Spirit of Life Cal is on its way. The first part was published last week and today part 2 will be published on the website of LillaBjorn. I decided to make the spirit of Life wrap with yarn from my stash. That was a bit difficult because there was little information about the used yarn. I think they want to sell a lot of yarn packets. But for me it was a challenge to find still some similar yarn in my stash. Luckily I had just ordered some alpaca and cotton yarn and it looked like they had the special colors I was looking for. So I made a swatch of the chosen materials and it turned out to be exactly the gauge of the Cal. But I still hadn’t decided to join in. There were so many other projects on my hook and so many things I liked to do, that another Cal would be too much work. So it took a couple of days to convince myself and then I just started with part 1.

I used the dutch translation. But maybe i had better read the original pattern for the dutch pattern was a bit confusing, Because the colors were named A, B,C and so on, I made my own color-card. Still it was hard to read the pattern and see If I had the correct color and was doing the right stitches in a row. But all went well, there were a few problems. First it is difficult to keep the edges of the piece straight. It is easy to lose a stitch or to make an extra stitch, so counting your stitches is the message. Also the special stitches of row 21, were to tight, so I made an extra loop in the stitch to compensate. Still there were some loops visible in the join. Also I started this piece with yarn B and hook 3,5 mm, because this was a cotton yarn and less flexible and the yarn was thicker then yarn A. the whole piece I made with hook 3.0 mm.

The used yarns were SMC catania color cotton and Drops Flora, a alpaca wool mix. The color combination looks a bit like the volcano kit.

On the picture you can see both sides of the piece and the color-card. The colors of the yarn are a bit different on this picture.

Greetings Elzeblaadje




Mystical grannies 2

My Mystical Lantern scarf is finished. I have made it in an other way than Jane Crowfoot suggested imlscarf_finn her pattern. When I was laying the grannies in a row, it occurred to me that pairing them in duo’s and lengthwise formed a nice scarf and was easy to perform. The grannies were first paired and the with a contrasting color crocheted to each other. On the ends one single granny was adjusted to close the scarf. In total 30 grannies were made. The yarn is Scheepjes Colour Crafter. The used colors (8) are to be found i my Ravelry project page. The scarf is a bit blocked by the warm hand method. On the photos this was not yet happened. I think, I will buy a jacket that will match the scarf

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Mystical grannies

mlp1 A few months ago I became enthusiastic over the Mystical Lantern Shawl of Jany Crowfoot. So I made some Mystical Grannies with Scheepjes Colour Crafter. But Something else came along and I forgot all about the grannies. But today I am continuing with the project. Only I I am not going to make a triangular shawl but I will form the grannies in a ribbon kind of shawl. My grannies are zo big that two of them in a straight line are broad enough for this kind of shawl. I counted 17 grannies in my project, but I have to make at least 10  more for the shawl. Yesterday I put the grannies together and it looked very nice.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


My Julia scarf

juliasjaal1Sometimes a pattern or picture is so nice, you want to make it. That happened with me with the Julia scarf from Catherine Roujansky. I liked the scarf and its expression and impression it made. Because of summer and big projects, I was also in need of an easy project for the evenings. So I started with the scarf one summer evening. But it was not going smooth at all, the pattern was easy to comprehend and rather fast to crochet, but the decreasing went wrong. I mostly read my patterns on my tablet, for printing is expensive and cost paper. So I think it went wrong in this process. I thought I was on the right track but after some time it occurred to me I wasn’t decreasing fast enough. Studying the pattern I saw my mistake. I was very disappointed for I had made a lot of progress and doing it all over was tough. So the project became hibernated for a few months.

But this week I was clearing my work basket and found all kinds of hibernated projects . So I made it my intention tot finish one or two of this projects. It became the Julia scarf. Looking good to my work, I found out that although i Had made a mistake the scarf itself could be finished, with no problem at all. All I needed was a skein of cotton and some beads and a few hours of work. And so it went. The scarf is finished and although the summer is over, there will be a next summer in a year or so. And the scarf will find a way to be wear by me or someone else.

The scarf is made from SMC Catania cotton color cream. It took 3 skeins, I used hook 3 and 2.5 and I used 64 white beads. I made some small adjustments to the hanging border and used 2 beads instead of 3.



juliasjaal2Greetings Elzeblaadjejuliasjaal4

Warm winter wear

Before the snow falls and it becomes chilly outside, I wanted to have a new scarf or cowl or something warmwintershawl1 to keep the chill out. I found this nice scarf on Pinterest and I used the pattern to make a scarf of my own. >>sunset scarf

I used the very popular and rather cheap yarn  Fenna to make the scarf. I needed 150 grams, and there was 50 grams left. So I could make myself also a head-wrap. It was fast made, the used stitch is very easy to crochet. I hope it will keep me warm in the winter days to come.


Greetings Elzeblaadje

multicolored scarf

infinityscarf I am still busy knitting scarfs and shawls. It is not so exciting work. The scarf I made last week was a very simple one and knitted in an evening or two. The yarn was Handwool from Hjertegarn, hand painted and a mix of wool, bamboo and acryl. The woman in the shop told me 4 skeins is enough for a sweater. I made a scarf and a cowl with one skein. I liked the colors, they are very sweat. On the picture is the infinity scarf, you can wrap it twice around your neck. The pattern is just tricot or stockinette stitch, so it was fast knitting. Later on it came to me i had better used a pattern, for now the scarfs curls at the sides. The scarf is knitted on needles 10 mm.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

mr. Fox


I am still in knitting mode. And this is what was upon my needles. Mr Fox from Woodland knits. The  red brown yarn is Katia peru, the brown and white are some leftovers. Both yarn are wool mixes. The eyes are some buttons i found in my button box, they matched the fox perfectly. Mr Fox is a  funny scarf or stole to wear and very warm indeed. Only winter is far away so It will stay on the table for a while.

Greetings Elzeblaadje