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Mystical grannies 2

My Mystical Lantern scarf is finished. I have made it in an other way than Jane Crowfoot suggested imlscarf_finn her pattern. When I was laying the grannies in a row, it occurred to me that pairing them in duo’s and lengthwise formed a nice scarf and was easy to perform. The grannies were first paired and the with a contrasting color crocheted to each other. On the ends one single granny was adjusted to close the scarf. In total 30 grannies were made. The yarn is Scheepjes Colour Crafter. The used colors (8) are to be found i my Ravelry project page. The scarf is a bit blocked by the warm hand method. On the photos this was not yet happened. I think, I will buy a jacket that will match the scarf

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Mystical grannies

mlp1 A few months ago I became enthusiastic over the Mystical Lantern Shawl of Jany Crowfoot. So I made some Mystical Grannies with Scheepjes Colour Crafter. But Something else came along and I forgot all about the grannies. But today I am continuing with the project. Only I I am not going to make a triangular shawl but I will form the grannies in a ribbon kind of shawl. My grannies are zo big that two of them in a straight line are broad enough for this kind of shawl. I counted 17 grannies in my project, but I have to make at least 10  more for the shawl. Yesterday I put the grannies together and it looked very nice.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Elise shawl

eliseshawl1Sometimes it is nice to crochet straight forward, with a pattern that is easy to go. So I made an Elise shawl with a nice soft yarn with colors red, pink and green. I used hook 4.0 mm and the shawl was made in just a few weeks or so. No difficult counting, just straightforward crochet. It was a relaxing thing to do. For more details you can visit my Ravelry pages.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

eliseshawl eliseshawl2

Small talk shawl

STshawl1The last 2 weeks I made a small talk shawl with some leftover yarn. Luckily I found some skeins in a shop in town to add to my stash so I could finish the shawl. The shawl has a leaf motif and that is why I choose this yarn. It is a bit greenish.

small talk shawl on Ravelry

I had some problems with the edge, it drags a bit and I hadn’t enough yarn to finish the edge in the end. So I pSTshawl2ulled out te last row and decided it was done. I still have the threads to weave in and the shawl to block, but because of the sunny day I  made a nice picture in the garden. See how the shawl fits in to the garden colors.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Making skull shawls

LSskullshawl2I think skull shawls are very popular items this time of year. Lots of crafters are making them. I made already five, although I haven’t blogged about all of them. The design I like most is the lost souls shawl of Maryetta Roy to be found on Ravelry as free download >>Lost souls shawl by Maryetta Roy. (also in dutch), The other one is from a Swedish designer and is to be found here >> Skull shawl by kungen och majkis

skullshawlfinishedI made a red lost soul shawl, a multicolored green-blue one, and a greenish one. The other two are the kungen och majkis shawl or based upon the pattern. They are all lovely shawls.  The shawls Inspired me to make also hats, cowls and wristies and more other shawls or winter objects. From some there is a pattern from others not, but with some adjustments you can make your own skull fantasy outfit in every color you want. It is all written down in the pattern section of my blog, see the menu above this post.

The shawl I found  the best is the greenish one, made from stylecraft special dk with color greengage. It was very beautiful and also best crocheted. I made it in 8 days. From the leftover yarn I made also the gauntlets and the slouch hat, so it became a real nice outfit. I needed 3,5 skeins or 350 grams for the whole shawl or about 1050 meter yarn. There is no need of a border around the shawl, But you have to make the ending strong, for the most power is on the shoulder part of the shawl, so I made some extra rows. The shawl is made from bottom to the top, so you start very easy and swift but on the end it becomes more and more work to bring it to a good ending. You can make the shawl as large as you like it and use every yarn you are attracted to. It is fun making the shawls so I hope very many creative beings will make them.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



Autumn shawl

Between the big projects, I like it, to have an easy job with straight forward crochet or knitting. It is nice to work on such a project while listening to radio or television. Just counting and swinging the hook or the needles. No difficult thinking to do, just let the hands do their work. So while I worked  on the Lily Pond, joining the squares and panels I also was working on an Autumn shawl. I had found a nice colored yarn, with exactly the colors you see mostly in the fall. And it was also nice to crochet, for the design of this scallop shawl is an easy and pretty design. Some people call it the virus shawl. It is no clear who is the designer, some claim it on Ravelry, but the design is much older.  So I can not give you a link to the design, for I am not sure who is the owner, but the pattern is easily to find. Although I liked the shawl very much, I wasn’t keeping it. So I gave it away. My SIL is very happy with the nice warm scallop shawl. Oh the yarn I used is a very popular yarn in my country, you can find the details on Ravelry, see link in the right corner of my blog.

Have a nice weekend, Elzeblaadje

herfstshawl herfstshawl_det