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Mystical grannies 2

My Mystical Lantern scarf is finished. I have made it in an other way than Jane Crowfoot suggested imlscarf_finn her pattern. When I was laying the grannies in a row, it occurred to me that pairing them in duo’s and lengthwise formed a nice scarf and was easy to perform. The grannies were first paired and the with a contrasting color crocheted to each other. On the ends one single granny was adjusted to close the scarf. In total 30 grannies were made. The yarn is Scheepjes Colour Crafter. The used colors (8) are to be found i my Ravelry project page. The scarf is a bit blocked by the warm hand method. On the photos this was not yet happened. I think, I will buy a jacket that will match the scarf

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Mystical grannies

mlp1 A few months ago I became enthusiastic over the Mystical Lantern Shawl of Jany Crowfoot. So I made some Mystical Grannies with Scheepjes Colour Crafter. But Something else came along and I forgot all about the grannies. But today I am continuing with the project. Only I I am not going to make a triangular shawl but I will form the grannies in a ribbon kind of shawl. My grannies are zo big that two of them in a straight line are broad enough for this kind of shawl. I counted 17 grannies in my project, but I have to make at least 10  more for the shawl. Yesterday I put the grannies together and it looked very nice.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Presents of December

In december 2016 it was present time, so I made some gifts to unwrap on Christmas. But the presents had to be small and light for they had to travel overseas in a suitcase. It was difficult to imagine what the family would like to have. Nowadays everybody has all kinds of things so what present is there to give. My idea was to make a slipcover to put in a ladies bag in which you can protect your phone or you can put some other item in, like a smal box of paper handkerchiefs ore something else.

The slipcovers, I made three for three ladies, where all made from nice colorful cotton. I use often SMC Catania for it has a nice shiny touch. Every cover is made from 2 small Granny squares. They were combined to a small case. After joining them I made a bottom and an upper part with a flap wherein a buttonhole was made. The granny pattern came from a book, but it was a bit too big, so I altered the last rounds of the grannies. Most work came afterwards, the threads hanging loose.

Greetings Elzeblaadje
hoesje2 hoesje

Crochet: Blue Cardigan

vest1This week I finished a blue crocheted cardigan. It was not my first hooked cardigan. I have made a few some years ago. But this one was specially made and designed by myself. After making some blankets this was a real challenge to do. A hooked garment becomes often a bit heavy and thick. I avoided this by using an open stitch structure. For the band, edges, cuffs and shoulders i used the moss stitch or granite stitch. An easy stitch with the advantage  that the piece will be straight and neat. It takes a lot of yarn, but not so much as only single crochet. The main stitch I used is a variation on the granite stitch and also a net stitch. Instead of single crochet, half double crochet is hooked. Take great care to crochet the edges very neat. I changed the row by making 2 single crochet in the last space and 2 ch, turn and put the hook in the first space after these last sc’s  and make a sc followed by a 1 ch.

For the measurements I used a  pattern of Jessica tromp  and the grannies are from the book Granny squares crochet. The granny is named star 1. I made 20 grannies for the cardigan. 10 where used on the waist side and the other 10 on the upper sleeve sides.


  • Make first the grannies, 22 in total, each granny is 4 inch
  • Crochet 10 – 12 of them together for the waist (I made 11 and 2 halves)
  • Crochet the waist band from the grannies downward in moss stitch
  • Crochet the front sides and back side in main pattern upward from the grannies
  • Crochet in moss stitch the shoulders on the front sides and secure them to the back
  • Crochet the neckband in moss stitch
  • Crochet in moss stitch the left and right front band, don’t forget to make buttonholes, best is to crochet the bands alternately so they become equal in size
  • Crochet the sleeve grannies to each other
  • Crochet downwards the sleeves in main pattern, decrease every fourth row
  • Crochet the cuffs in moss stitch
  • Crochet a few rows on the top side of the grannies
  • Crochet or sew the sleeves into the armholes.
  • Sew a few buttons to the front band

The yarn I used is Stylecraft Special DK, 7 -8 balls,  and hook 4.0 mm, Colors used were, silver, storm blue, white and some leftover yarn in different colors.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

vest2 vest1_det2 vest1_det

First project of the year

I made the nine squares of the fools in love collection of Polly Plum, and constructed a cushion cover out of it. I am not totally satisfied. I had to do the last rounds all over, they had not all the same amount of stitches, and the green yarn was a bfoolsoflove1it thicker than the other yarn colors, so the square turned out to be a bit larger. I have also a round of dc’s changed into hdc’s for the square had become too large. Maybe with cotton they should have been all a like, In the pattern, I read them on my tablet, I missed a color scheme and a picture by each description. I had a lot of scrolling to do.

>fools of love squares

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Shopping bag in blue-white

hartjesrandThis autumn I made a blue white shopping bag for a relative of my daughter. Because it was a secret project I haven’t yet blogged about it. Th bag was inspired by some old dutch tiles in delft blue coloring. When I found out that the blue color was also available in cotton, I started the project. First I made 6 different grannies. They are my own design for I couldn’t find a nice pattern that resembles the tiles nicely. The idea was to make more grannies, but my time was limited so I made only the six and worked from there to the bag. The bag itself is a simple net pattern. The bag was finished with a band of hearts. I also reinforced this band and the handles with some cord in it. The used cotton is SMC catania color. I hope that the receiver will like the bag and use it frequently.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

DBtas1 DBtas2

Cushion cover

The circles of the sun cotscal-ready2stripessquares are assimilated in a cushion cover. I have joined the squares with the zipper method, so you get a nice rim between the squares. My niece wanted some cushion covers, so the first was ready. For the second I used the leftover yarns of the Cal. For the Cal I used 6 colors of SMC Bravo to make the squares. Now the two cushions have the same coloring The second cushion cover is striped. I used  some nice stitches to make a nice effect. I used bobble stitches and Catherine wheels, made a line with hearts and in between a line of dots. The backside of the cushion covers is yellow fleece and they are closed with some wooden buttons from my stash. The orange dots are easy to make, you need 3 colors yarn. first make a band with color 1 and crochet 1 sc, ch 1 sk 1, repeat till end. Crochet the same stitches with color 2 but now the sc is made in the chain-space of color 1. With color 3 you crochet a row of 2 sc in each chain-space of color 2, skip the sc of color 2.

Greetings Elzeblaadje