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Starcraft 2 patterns

zerg_detLast week I have  made some changes in the pattern section of my blog. Among other things the Starcraft 2 patterns were a bit messy and in my pattern box there was still an unpublished pattern of a Zergling.  This time it made it to my blog. I am a bit ashamed it took so long for publishing this real cool pattern.  It is a complicated pattern, with lot of spikes, arms, wings and legs. So do not start easily but read the pattern carefully before making.

I made the Zergling for a real Starcraft 2 fan and it is a nice piece to posses.

The other Starcraft patterns, like Baneling and Overlord are all in one place now and easy to find, just click on the pattern and so section of this blog or in the menu on the right.

Greetings Elzeblaadjezergling


All Zergy’s

All the zergy pictures in a gallery, isn’t it that nice?

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Zergy pattern online


Just a few days and it is fathers day, just enough time to give him a zergy. A character  of starcraft 2. Maybe he likes to game and loves starcraft, then it is a must have. I have made the pattern available and it is just a few hours to crochet the adorable zergy. I hope there will be many zergys made this weekend. Just for fun to do. The pattern is to be found on my page pattern and so. just look above in the taskbar of the blog.

Greetings Elzeblaadje