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Baby mix

I was inspired with the knittings of katie Jones and wanted to make something similar, just for fun. So I knitted this small baby sweater in four colors, with cables, moss stitch, holes, bobbles and ridges. On the back came in the middle a nice looking bunch of flowers.

The yarn is Scheepjes Colour Crafter, a very soft acrylic yarn. The colors where salmon, white, light green and lavender.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


Spirit of Life Cal 7 & 8

SoLp7Again a part of mosaic crochet, this time the colors are green (catania) and natural (Flora). There were no great problems this time, although I misread a few blocks in the written pattern but with the help of the diagram of the mosaic I found the right direction and everything went well. I like the green/natural combination of colors. First I wanted to use the lighter green, I had used in the squares, but the amount of yarn was too small and there was no second skein.

SoLp8The last part of the Spirit of life Cal was easy going, just straight forward crochet with a bit of overlay crochet. The overlay stitches resembled the stitches in my intermezzo part, so it all went well.

The edge will be the last part and I am afraid I have too little yarn left to make the edge as in the pattern is written. I think I make an edge of my own.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Christmas Elves by Alan Dart

I fell in love with the tree elves of Alan Dart. The tree trimmers of Alan Dart are very small dollies, they will not take many hours to make. It is knitting, but a experienced crocheter will make them also in no time at all just by looking at them. But I like knitting and small pieces don’t make me afraid. so I made two Elves the last weeks.

The making of the elves from the little pieces is a bit complex. I had problems with the mattress stitch, because the pieces are so little. But you can use other stitches as well. The used yarn is Phildar pronostic + and some small amounts of Scheepjes invicta and a little bit of golden yarn. The elves are knitted on needles 3.0 mm. The elves are about 20 cm high.

Because it is Christmas Time, I decorated the Elves with golden yarn. Furthermore I put some pipe cleaners in arms and legs and now they can sit and climb up and down the tree branches of my christmas tree.

Maybe I make some more tree climbers, Elzeblaadje

Christmas Tree Skirt

I was early with my christmas preparations. Last year my husband suggested I should make a skirt for our christmas tree, but then there was no time enough. This year I started early november. I had a wonderful idea in my head, but is was not practicable. So I started at random with some red and green from a not so expensive yarn, that was in my stash. I used for the first rows a pattern, for I had no idea were to increase in the rows. So I followed a pattern that came along in facebook. It turned out to be rather easy. In the week that followed I let my hook do the job and a tree skirt was born. It is not the most beautiful object I made, but it will be nice under the christmas tree. The tree skirt is supported with 2 metal circles and a layer of fiberfill. Only I forgot the circles by decorating the tree. I put also some toadstools with lights in them under the tree.

The tree skirt is decorated with some overlay crochet, puff stitches and golden threads. The last row is a row of golden scallops. In the back is an overlap flap, but you can make if necessary a closure with buttons.

Much fun making your own tree skirt, Elzeblaadje

Baby Link outfit

babylinkoutfi3A year ago I made this nice baby Link outfit. It was a gift for a newborn child. The hero Link is a figurine in the nintendo games of Zelda. While making, I didn’t knew if the baby would be a boy or a girl.  So I choose for the Link outfit, because it would fit both. It was a lot of fun making the clothes. And a great surprise as a baby shower gift.

Yesterday I was amazed with a picture of the little one in the Link outfit. And I remembered I hadn’t wrote about it on my blog, because it had to be a secret.

At the time of searching for a nice pattern, I found out, that  Joanna Rankin already made a baby link outfit. It was designed for an small baby of 3 months. I made the outfit for a baby of nine months or elder, for I liked the idea that the child would crawl in the outfit around the house.  So I had to adjust the design and the measurements.

The outfit consists of a baby trouser,  a cardigan that has closure onto the back, a pointed cap, a belt with buckle and sock booties. All is knitted on needles 4. For the belt and the boots I used a doll outfit pattern from Annette Heffords, named Alistair Wizard and for the cardigan, cap and trouser I used the pattern of The Legend of Baby Link by Joanna Rankin as an example.

The outfit was knitted on 2 needles 4, with Scheepjes Colour Crafter, in the colors Leiden and Franeker. This is a very soft acrylic yarn. The booties and arm sleeves were knitted with SMC Bravo, color Brown, a more sturdy acrylic yarn. The body of the cardigan is knitted in one piece with buttonholes on the back. The sleeves were knitted together and are sewed later on into the armpits. The belt was made with a special stitch combination so it will keep his form. Also the buckle is knitted. Because the buckle is a bit heavy, I had to pin it onto the cardigan. The booties were also knit on 2 needles and later on the seams were joined. The symbol of Link, the triforce is also knitted into the body

It was really a fun project and I am happy the outfit is used. I have no notes found about the outfit, so if you want to make the outfit, you have to use your own imagination. the  pictures and the patterns of Joanna Rankin and Annette Heffords

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Spirit of Life Cal 2

SoL2Wednesday came the second part of the Spirit of Life Cal online and I started with this piece right away. The first 4 rows were easy, but then it became more difficult, for I had never made mosaic crochet before. It was soon very clear that working with the hook like I tend to do, with the pattern on my tablet wouldn’t work this time. So I printed 4 pages of the written pattern and the block diagram. I was hoping it would be easier to crochet. But it still confused me how the pattern would go. On this moment I crochet the first stitches of the pattern carefully and in the following repeats I follow the first crocheted part.

Making this piece of the Cal costs so a lot of time. It will be successful if you work slowly and concentrated. I have only occasionally frogged a row. I am now working on row 18.

My yarn D and F are different in texture. F is thinner and more flexible than D. Following the pattern for yarn D (Catania cotton) means I have to reduce the chains, because the stitches are longer. For yarn F (Drops Flora) I can follow the pattern and make 2 or 3 chains in between the other stitches. I also run out of yarn D. This was already anticipated, for I had only 1 skein of this color, but it took also more yarn than was foreseen in the pattern.  I have ordered some more balls of this yarn so I am prepared for the future parts.

I like the pattern very much, the colors match nicely. I think the designers have had much trouble in written the pattern down and making all the stitches corresponding. But it is still hard to follow, but whenever done you have a nice piece.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Persian Tiles 1

Jane crowfoot designed the Persian Tiles blanket. For more info visit the following website.

This month a new kit of the Persian Tiles Blanket came on the market. The tiles were executed in all kinds of sweet colors, like fuchsia, lemon and buttermilch. The packet name is Eastern Jewels. It was a very attractive blanket to see. A lot of people ordered the kit. Because I just finished a blanket and had ordered some more stylecraft special dk to fill my stash, I had no feeling to order the kit. I also don’t like the very sweet colors of the kit. But I had a box full of leftovers of the previous projects, so I decided to make my own colorful Persian Tile blanket. The pattern is easy to follow. The pattern could be a bit dull if all the tiles are of the same making. But making them from scratch and stash is a fun part to do. Each Tile has it own character. I show you the first 2 tiles. Not all the threads are already weaved in.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje