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Purple gloves

gloves2My neighbor asked me to make her a pair of warm gloves and they had to be purple. It was a challenge to make them. First they had to match a favorite scarf, but purple is a difficult color. So I lend the scarf and went to a wool shop. The lady in the shop advised me to buy  two different kinds of yarns, that matched the scarf. At home me and my neighbor Ana choose the  alpaca yarn. Then I had to find a pattern that matched the yarn. I also didn’t want to knit on four needles or circulair needles. But most patterns are knitted in the round. Luckily my Sister in Law found me a sirdar pattern of gloves knitted with two needles and with the same size my yarn needed. So I started knitting and within a week the gloves were ready. Afterwards a few things could be better. Like the thumb and the fingertips, but that is for a second pair of gloves. For more details visit my ravelry page!

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Mystical grannies 2

My Mystical Lantern scarf is finished. I have made it in an other way than Jane Crowfoot suggested imlscarf_finn her pattern. When I was laying the grannies in a row, it occurred to me that pairing them in duo’s and lengthwise formed a nice scarf and was easy to perform. The grannies were first paired and the with a contrasting color crocheted to each other. On the ends one single granny was adjusted to close the scarf. In total 30 grannies were made. The yarn is Scheepjes Colour Crafter. The used colors (8) are to be found i my Ravelry project page. The scarf is a bit blocked by the warm hand method. On the photos this was not yet happened. I think, I will buy a jacket that will match the scarf

Greetings, Elzeblaadje

Brother Bunny

Bro_bunny3If you like sweet cuddly toys than you appreciate the Bunnies of Julie Williams and you want to hug them right away. Only you have to knit them first. On her website:  You can find all patterns of her cuddly animals. I made my first Bunny Boy this month, I call him Brother Bunny after a dutch comic. He has a small brown patch on his right arm, because I run out of yarn. Only the ears are  a bit weird. I think making them with smaller knitting needles would have made them better. Julie Williams has also patterns for the cutest sweaters and dresses, I made the green striped one after her pattern. Only the trousers are my ownJWBunnyboy doing. For Brother Bunny I used sand colored Acrylic yarn from the brand SMC Bravo, for the sweater and trouser I used Colour Crafter from the brand Scheepjes, I used also knitting needles 3.5 mm. The bunnies are knitted on 2 needles. The pattern description is very extended and gives you lot of advises how to do the bunny parts. There is also a very little part that will form the tail. I am very pleased with my Brother Bunny or Broer Konijn.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Sneakers for a bear

beertje 5 The pattern of the sneakers of the bear is written down in pdf file. It is very easy to make these sneakers. Use the same yarn for bear and sneakers in a nice color and there will be no problems making the shoes. I used SMC Bravo and knitting needles 3.5 mm. The pattern you can find here >>

Sneakers for a knitted bear pattern

Much fun making the sneakers, Elzeblaadje

U.f.o’s and bear

I am good in forgetting to finish projects. So there are a lot of u.f.o.’s in my boxes and working basket. This summer I want to finish some of these projects. After each new project I search for an old not finished project and try to finish it. Sometimes very difficult because I can’t find the original pattern or haven’t kept my notes.

beertje 4After finishing Miss Bear, also an u.f.o. I found in the bag a few parts of a small bear, The knitted body and head parts  were kept together by a pin, but I couldn’t find out which part belonged to the body or to the head and how they had to be assembled. Also the little bits or yarn in the bag were not sufficient for knitting  the other parts of the bear and the yarn I had ordered to finish the bear, was a bit different from the original yarn. It was becoming a real challenge to make the bear.

In my work book I found a copy of the pattern. The bear turned out to be the small star bear of Debbie Bliss!  With the pattern at hand I sewed the parts of the bear together and knitted arms and legs. The description of the pattern is not always clear but I remembered from other DB bears I made that I had to start at the cast on side of beertje 5the neck to sew the head parts to each other. I missed a picture of the head parts, in which was showed how to assemble them. Only written instructions are put in he book.  I also had altered some instructions to minimize the amount of parts to knit, that was either not helping. Also I hadn’t noted the needle size, and this was different from the pattern. The ears I made with the remnants of the original yarn and some natural flesh colored yarn, for the arms and legs I used the newly ordered yarn in a slightly different color. The used yarn is SMC Bravo, the needle size 4.0 and 3.5 mm

For the little bear I made furthermore pants and a shirt. Later on I made also a skirt and shoes. I think it is a nice bear, looking joyful and it looks like she want to dance.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Mandala Madness 2

The second part of my Mandala Madness is completed. It was for me a total surprise to see theMMCAL2-2 star, the Mandala is transforming too, in this part of the Cal. I hadn’t expected it to happen. It was also difficult for me to choose the colors in this round. I have finally repeated the licht green of the center piece, in the first rounds. it is Colour Crafter yarn. For the rounds around the leaves I choose salmon and for the last round I choose an even more lighter greenish yarn also from Colour Crafter yarn. The little light green leaves are now clear in view. The last round was a tiresome round to make. I hope I haven’t made mistakes in it. I am not in te mood to repeat the round. The inner corners I found a bit sloppy, but maybe there is a solution in the following rounds, I haven’t seen the description of these rounds yet, only some pictures on facebook and to my surprise the star becomes round again and changes in a big flower. The Mandala Madness piece is already large enough to make in a cushion, but seen the third part, I expect also to crochet this piece and form a round cushion cover of it.

Greetings ElzeblaadjeMMCAL2-1

Frida’s Flowers CAL

lilypond_part2bI have almost finished my garden blanket, so I have now time to think about a new project. There are 2 Cals I like to join in. First the Frida’s Flowers blanket designed bij Jane Crowfoot and second the Mandala Madness designed by Helen Shrimpton. Because I was hooked to my blanket, I haven’t followed the preparations very well. But now I will. The MM CAL has already begon and the first Mandala’s are to be found on facebook. I have some trouble with the colors people have chosen, I haven’t found a nice color scheme already. I think I will only do the first rounds and make a cushion cover with it. The FF CAL starts in april. I have checked my stash and there where enough balls of wool to start the FF and with ordering some new balls I will have sufficient yarn to make the whole blanket. Because Eastern is near I will start this weekend with the Mandala Madness. I will use the leftovers from my Garden Blanket and some new yarn I ordered a few weeks ago. I think this will be sufficient for a cushion cover.

Have a nice day, Elzeblaadje