Butterfly Band pattern

vlinder1Crochet a Butterfly Band

Crochet from now on butterflies in a band. For instance, along a blanket edge or replace the Butterfly Band in the “Sophie’s Universe” blanket (part 14 of the CAL 2015).

The Butterfly Band was made by me as part of the Sophie’s Universe. Because people liked it, I have written the pattern down in this document. The rounds match the rounds of the Sophie’s Universe, so you lose no stitches or height and can continue with part 15 of the CAL.

I imagine that with some adjustments the Band also can be used in other blankets or as edge on another work. The butterflies are best first exercised in a swatch before starting the band. Behind the butterflies flowers are crocheted, so it looks like they are fluttering above a field of flowers.

The band consists of several rounds or rows in which the butterflies are formed. The used stitches are beside the normal crochet stitches, back- and front-post stitches, and two clusters of treble stitches. The rows /rounds have to be crocheted in the same direction. Different colors can be used in the separate rounds or rows.

How many yarn you need depends on the yarn you use, the length of the band and the hook. I have used 100 – 750 yards, in different colors.

Pattern >>Pattern_ButterflyBand_eng(3)


Much fun with the butterflies, Elzeblaadje


10 thoughts on “Butterfly Band pattern

  1. Pam Beeching

    Thank you very much for sharing your butterflies – such a pretty modification.

  2. Vagabon Velda's

    Thank you for sharing, I love your idea its wonderful and when I get the yarn together to make Sophie’s Universe I think I will use your pattern.

  3. Alice Post author

    Good luck ladies with the butterflies, I think they will give a wonderful contribution to the Sophie’s.

  4. Shirley

    Can you direct me to the pattern, please. Coming up to the butterflies and would like to swap this pattern in. Thank you!

    1. Alice Post author

      Hi Shirley, the patterns are all available under pattern and so in the head menu of this blog. Look forafghans and blankets >>> Butterfly band menu.
      Succes with the making of the butterflies.

  5. Sylvia

    Thank you for this great pattern. I am going to use it in a square blanket that is part around the bases, part me😀.
    Now, I feel really silly asking this, but the pattern says in the first row to do double crochets and in the spot for the butterflies chain 7, skip 7 stitches and then again double crochets. If I look at the pictures I see 6 chains and 6 skipped stitches. (I even cleaned my glasses because I was so sure that I was wrong but I kept seeing 6). Could you please confirm that it is indeed 7 chains and skipping 7 stitches? Thank you so much!

    1. Alice Post author

      Hello Sylvia,

      I have looked at the picture in the English translation and I count 7 chains, but the skipping is not so clear. so I have looked also to the blanket and there are in each butterfly 7 skipped stitches from the row beneath. I hope that answers your question 🙂 Alice

  6. Carolyn

    Do I start round crocheting into corner dc’s
    For example, in 1st round do I start 20 after the 2 corner stitches or include them?
    Love your pattern,didn’t like original butterfly band at all

    1. Alice Post author

      Hi Carolyn,

      .Thank you for choosing my pattern.
      Count your stitches after round 92, then you place some stitch-markers on the places were the butterflies will come. In the corners you crochet 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc. after that crochet dc’s till the first stitch-marker. In the pattern there are some guidelines how to place the stitch-markers and do the first round. Distribute the butterflies as you wish.

      Succes, Alice


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