Toadstool Band

uitbreiding SUThe extension of my Sophie’s Universe is made from different bands. My SU was too short in the length, so on 2 sides I have made  a few bands or edges. In my experience beyond the last band ( in a fence pattern) of the Sophie lies the wild lands. There you can find berries, the pink band with purple dots, toadstools and toadstool-eggs, trees with leaves and at last a meadow with yellow flowers.

The band with toadstools Is turned over in a pattern, so everybody can implement this band in a blanket or afghan, or use to extend the Sophie’s Universe. The pattern is free to use and now available!

pattern >>>Pattern_Toadstool_band_eng(3)

The pattern can also be used in other blankets or in a autumn cardigan or sweater, like I have done in 2017

Much fun, Elzeblaadje

SU extended part