Cthulhu Project

cthulhumeetsdragon2The Cthulhu project started in march 2014 with some befriended crafters on facebook. It was a challenge to make some Cthulhu inspired items with needle and yarn. It was from the start, a crazy challenge, for the God Cthulhu, a character from the books of H. P. Lovecraft, is an very imposing figure. Huge as a mountain, living under the sea in the lost city of R’lyeh. All we know about her is that she is greenish and has terrifying claws. Some clans adore her, although she has a different name there.

My first challenge was to make a simple amigurumi, a mini Thulhu, as she is called, to protect me from the revenge of the God. The little puppet will protect its owner and family, so is said. The pattern is written and published in 2014 and updated October 2015, more info in the mini-thulhu page >> Mini-thulhu pattern

The second challenge was to make a much bigger item and to co-create a household thing or other element or animal in a way that represents the ancient one. It could be a crossover with another character or animal. Popular was the Cathulhu. My chosen item was a simple circular handbag.

The idea was that the ancient one arises from the deep sea, in the sunset of a nice warm evening. The sea is colored red and the waves ripple from the ancient one. The bag represents the Ancient One rising from the sea.

The pattern and more info is to be found here >> cthulhu-handbag-pattern


There were more cthulhu objects in my head, but everybody lost his or her interest and other projects came along. But I made a Cthulhu Ski Mask for my son.

Visit the Cthulhu Ski Mask Page for more information >> Cthulhu Ski Mask



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