Cthulhu handbag pattern

cthuhlubagThe ancient god Cthulhu rises at sunset from the waters of the sea. This was the theme of my second Cthulhu crochet challenge. I decided to make a handbag that represents the Ancient One rising from the waters.

At first I made a drawing of the bag to be. In this drawing there is in the bag a little pocket in which the mini-Thulhu can be placed. However this was too much. But the mini-Thulhu can hide in the bag.In the bag there is however a small hidden pocket.

.The pattern is not written into details, but gives you instructions how to make a similar kind of bag. Therefore it is not suitable for a beginner.  It is better if you have already some experience in crochet and sewing. You also need a sewing machine. Afterwards I think a bit of reinforcement of the bag could have been necessary, for the lid is a bit heavy after joining the tentacles. I suggest that with some wire or cardboard you can construct some support. Or you can make some lighter tentacles.

The bag is made from cotton in 2 colors. Also needed is some cord, several buttons and two large red beads. The bag will take some days to crochet and construct, Take your time and don’t hurry, the result will be better.

What more can I tell you. It was fun to design the bag and making it was also a nice thing to do. I wish you much Luck making your own Cthulhu Bag.