Discworld Patterns

feeglemanIn Discworld (a book serie by Terry Pratchett) a pixie folk is living, known as the wee free man or feegles. The pictsies, as they are called, are 6 inch long and have a blue colored skin. The blue is a result of many tattoos. They all have orange-red hair. The tattoos identify there clans. They are all male and very strong. They spend their time drinking and fighting and doing things that are forbidden in the world.

The feegles are a bit scottisch, they wear kilts and play the bagpipes. each clan has its own Kelda, a female feegle that reproduces the feegle babies. The feegles can cross the dimensions.

I made a mini feegle amigurumi, the pattern is to be found here >>feegle crochet pattern(1)

In the picture a feegle with kilt, a baby feegle, a kelda and a bard wth bagpipe. They are all variations on the pattern, only the baby isn’t. The feegle man with beard has a little mouse skull as hat, the bard a mouse skin as bagpipesac