Fantasy patterns


Fantasia land

In Fantasia land there is a hidden valley. In this Fairy Garden, in the golden meadow along the stream an enchanted Tree is standing with his strong roots growing on a massive stone. Under the branches of the treetop there is a small playground. In the playground the fairies and gnomes are gathering and playing little games with each other. Little beasts and critters are also gathered and doing there things. It is a joyful evening when I found the little place en became enchanted and inspired.

Make your own Fantasia land

Take some time off and make your own Fantasia Land, crochet the enchanted Tree and all the beings living in the valley. With my pattern of Fairies and Gnomes and the pattern of the tree you can make your own Fantasia land. Use your imagination to make more fantasy figures.cropped-header1.jpg

The patterns of Fantasia land

The Fantasia Land patterns I made are available. They are written in English and US terminology and they are also available in Dutch. The dutch pattern is to be found on my dutch blog Elzeboom

Much fun with the patterns, Elzeblaadje




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