Enchanted Tree pattern


On January 2013 a CAL started about trees, fairy’s and mushrooms. Read more about this CAL in the project section of my Blog. >> Fairy Garden

Or read the introduction on Fantasia Land >>  the introduction page

The Cal resulted in a fairy garden called Fantasia Land. In a little container all beings came together and played there part.

The pattern of the Enchanted Tree

It is the first pattern I wrote and it was forgotten till a few months ago. I have rewrote it till it is more clear. The making of the Tree looks simple but when I made it I had to struggle a bit to make a nice trunk. During the making I have only made a few photographs. So It can be that at some point you have to improvise a bit.

A thing that worries me a bit is the making of the branches. The best way to do it is to cut first a piece of coated wire and bend it double. The sharp ends form the connection with the trunk and are pricked through the Magic Ring or base of the branch into the trunk, the double end forms the top of the branch. Crochet your branch around the wire and top. Sew the branch at the base tightly to the trunk.

Furthermore, the beginning of a piece of crochet I mark always by bringing the pitch thread to the right side. So you can always see where the beginning was.

The pattern is  to be find here >> Fantasyland-The enchanted fairy tree-pattern-eng(2)

Much fun, Elzeblaadje



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