Fairy from Fantasia land pattern

fairyThe Fairy from Fantasia land

On January 2013 a CAL started about trees, fairy’s and mushrooms. Read more about this CAL in the project section of my Blog. >> Fairy Garden

The CAL included making a small fairy. In the picture you can see how she turned out to be a lovely little lady. With the pattern I also made two gnomes and and a flower pixie. It was much fun to design and crochet these little beings. See the big picture .

I have written down the description of the basic fairy. The dresses an other clothes are up to you. Although I have included some global directions. Use your imagination in designing a lovely dress or outfit. The fairy is about 12 cm high. the arms and legs are bendable. She has also crocheted wings, these are fixed to the back of the fairy.  The hair is a bit of leftover soft hairy yarn, which is crocheted to a wig.

The fairy is made with SMC Catania fine color and hook 2. It is a basic pattern, so you can modify it to other fantasy beings. The dress of the fairy is made with crocheted leaves. The hat is constructed of three leaves, that are sewed together.


The pattern can also be used to make the gnomes, that dwell under the enchanted tree. In the gnomes pattern section you can find directions for making gnomes.

k-elfjeFantasia Land

The fairies and gnomes are living in Fantasia Land. Crochet your own Fantasia land! Make some mushrooms, flowers, critters, unicorns and the rainbow bridge. In the middle of the fairy valley grows the enchanted tree, of which I also have written a pattern, that soon will be available.

On the big picture, another tree fairy and two gnomes. all made with the same pattern and some adjustments.

Much fun with the pattern.

The pattern is written in English and Dutch.

The Dutch pattern is to be found >>  https://elzeboom.wordpress.com/patronen/fantasia-land-elfje-en-kabouters/

And the English Fairy crochet pattern >> Fantasia land Fairy- crochet pattern-eng-version 2.1




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