Little things

Little things to crochet in an hour or evening, Something to give away or hang in a tree or on a branch. Small ornaments for the Christmas tree or Eastern. You find it here.tree

Making Birds

I Started a few years ago with the making of little birds, birdies I call them. They are fast made and nice little things to hang about. All kinds of material you can use to crochet these little fellows. Maybe making them in the colors gold and silver, or red and white, will fits them in a Christmas tree. Other colors make them maybe suited for Eastern or some other occasion. I have in my hall a few branches in a vase and in the branches the little birdies are singing there songs.


birdsThe pattern is not very difficult and variegating with colors and material will make all kinds of birds. I hope You enjoy it, as much as I do!

Ellen my Sister in law has tested the pattern  >>> birdies crochet pattern

Making Fishes

They are small and cute and made in a few hours, these little fishes. You only need some lvissieeft over yarn, a bit of stuffing, maybe a pair of beads and soon they hang in your home and warm your heart.

>>> Crochet a little fish(2)

Much fun making the birdies and fishes, Elzeblaadje