Making Dolls

first doll


I like to make things. I also like to knit and to crochet. And I also like to make dolls. Big ones, small ones, ugly ones and cute dolls.  I made several dolls for my nieces and own children. It was real fun to do so.  The doll in the picture was my first knitted doll. She lies on the tablecloth and is flat. not much to look at. But when she is finished she is a heartbreaking beauty.
This first doll came to life and found a home. More dolls were born from my hands and found homes, meanwhile I was busy doing other things, for there are so many cute little things to crochet and knit. On these pages I will show some cute little dollies and present them and maybe I will make some new ones.

The first Knitted doll I want to introduce to you, I made for a friend in the davidBpop1summer of 2014. It is a icon doll  >>> the David Bowie doll

Before the David Bowie doll was ready, I made some test dolls. Read more on >> special dolls

To be continued …



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