Pat and Mat

Dress-up dollsMat_head

In 2014 I made some dress-up dolls after the characters of the very popular video series Pat and Mat, or Buurman en Buurman, as we call it in the Netherlands. The clumsy neighbors were made after a nice picture from a magazine. It turned out to be more a kind of dress-up doll than a  cuddly doll, for I made a whole collection of clothes to wear. It took some time to write the patterns, first in dutch and later on in English, of the dolls and the clothes. My friend Ellen remarked one day, that she couldn’t knit, so I had to remade the basic clothes in crochet. Now the clothes are mixed, some knitted, some crocheted. I will gradually over the next months put the patterns online.

The doll with the yellow sweater is Pat. He is about 18 cm or pat_head7.1 inch tall. The doll with the red sweater is Mat, he is 21 cm or 8.3 inch tall. The dolls are made with skin colored cotton and hook 2.5 mm. The clothes are made with thinner yarn, acrylic and cotton and hook 2.0 mm. The first outfit resembles the original clothing of the characters and is knitted. The sweater is simple to make. There is also a crochet version of the sweater. The trouser is also a basic model and fast to make.

The more difficult original sweaters are also reproduced, this pattern is still in rough draft. The dolls are made with bendable arms and legs, be cautious, whenever put wire, little buttons and beads on your work it isn’t suitable for children under 4. I was so inspired by the doll, I made different outfits for the men. So they have jobs and occupations in their life’s and free time and It is all to make possible in crochet or knitting.

Although the dolls are made after video characters, they are also boy dress-up dolls. You can make the head a bit different, put some hair or a wig on it and you have your own fantasy doll for a boy. Maybe a builder, a painter or a fireman, with a doll and my clothes patterns they are all to make.

Pat & Mat dolls crochet pattern(1)

Pat & Mat-basic clothes-crochet and knit pattern(1)

Much fun with the patterns and making of the dolls!!

Greetings Elzeblaadje