Sunshine dolls

popjeI am not always knitting or crocheting. Sometimes I take the sewing machine and make things from nice fabrics and sometimes I don’t use the machine at all but sew things by the hand. So I made a couple of sunshine dolls or Waldorf dolls. They are real beauty’s when finished. The dolls have there own charm. But the clothes they get from me, are sometimes knitted or crocheted. A Waldorf doll is modeled with needle and yarn. The doll is filled with pure sheep-wool and the skin fabric is very fine tricot.

The dolls

I want with this page introduce some dolls I made, to you.


She is middle sized and has a white naturalMarie6 colored skin with red curly hair. She wears an yellow jumpsuit, which is knitted in one piece. I have made her also a nice hairy jacket and some fitting shoes


She was the first middle sized Waldorf doll that camDienae froDiena2m my hands. It was a real challenge to make her. She wears a nice white dress design and making all from my hand. I also made the pattern of the doll’s body. The hair is a wig made from curly wool-mix, which is sewn to the head. She already found a new home. I made several nice outfits for her.


To be continued …



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