More Skull crocheting

About crocheting skulls in a cowl or other garment.

With the skull pattern of gauntlets and cap, you can also crochet a nice cowl or other garment.

For a cowkolmetskull2l you pitch a chain of 120-126 (20 -21 Shells), close the ring and crochet a round of shells. Download the cap pattern and study the instructions about the first rounds in the patterns for more details.

Crochet a few rounds of shells.

Start with crocheting the skull pattern in the 5th or 6th round.  You can crochet 1 till 4 skulls in the cowl, follow the skull pattern of the cap (in yellow in the pattern) and decreases or increases (in green in the pattern) on both sides of the skulls. In between is a row of shells that won’t be changed.

So you can have for a cowl a round of:

Sshell * skull – shell –  decr/inc – shell – dec/inc – shell * , repeat ** 3 times, skip the last shell and make 1 slst  on the Sshell (totally 20 shells)

After the skull pattern is closed, crochet a few rounds of only shells and your cowl is finished.

For a wider garment you can crochet a row or few rows of shells more. For a skull extra you have to crochet 5 extra shells in a round. In by example an infinity scarf I should crochet 40 – 50 shells, each shell need a pitch chain of 6, so you have to pitch a chain of 240 – 300 stitches for a scarf.

You can also crochet the pattern in a garment that isn’t crocheted in the round. Reckon for each skull a row of 5 shells. You can also alternate the skulls like in the lost souls scarf. I hope this page and post contributes to make in a creative way, garments with skulls.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


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