Skull Helmet or Cap

skullcapYou can wear it alone or with a skull shawl or skull cowl, my skull helmet.

It is nice to have a drawer full of skull shawls. I made 3 this year. But as always I had some leftover yarn. So I made a pair of skull gauntlets. Making them I thought of a nice cap befitting the shawl and still left with some leftover yarn, I made a nice yellow cap. It turned out to be more a Helmet, because the cap was a little bit too big and very stiff. I made therefore an other cap, now with a bit thinner yarn and hook and this time it turned out to be exactly what I had in mind.

I have written the pattern down and from now on you can make your own cap or skull helmet. In fact you can make all kinds of caps, helmet and toques with the pattern, just adjusting the pattern a bit. Read my page about adjusting the pattern.

The pattern of the skull cap is to be found here >> Helmet or Cap with skulls


The cap is crocheted in the same way as the gauntlets. You can crochet 1 – 3 skulls in one cap.

The pattern is based upon the “lost souls” skull shawl (by Maryetta Roy) and meant to be used with the shawl.

Size cap
Small (53-55 cm/ 21.5 inch), medium (56-58 cm/ 22 – 22.5 inch), large (58-60 cm/ 23 inch)
Use hook 3.5 and befitting yarn for a medium cap,
For a bigger size use hook 4.0 mm or crochet one or two shells more.

For a smaller size choose thinner yarn and hook or crochet a shell less.
Attention: The pattern requires a certain height; with hook 4.0 mm the height can become too high for a fitting cap, Skip a row.

Hook 3.0 mm – 3.5 mm, 1,2 skein (50 – 60 gr.) of yarn suited for the hook, needle

3 shells and 9 rows is approximately 10 by 10 cm or 4 by 4 inch. Pattern height with hook 3.5 mm is 12 cm/ 4 ¾ inch

Slouch hat

I also have written a pattern for a slouch hat. A bit wider and modern cap that fits a skullshawl also very much

Much fun making all kinds of caps with skulls. Elzeblaadje


If you successfully crocheted your own skull cap, will you send me a picture with your experiences. I am planning to make a page with the results of my patterns. Fill in a form on the about page to contact me. Or add your cap as project in Ravelry.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



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