Starcraft Patterns



As mom of two Starcraft players and with my ability to crochet all kind of things, I was asked to make some figurines from the game. Not knowing what to expect I went for a search on the internet and found some awesome pictures. After a while studying them I thought an amigurumi of one of these figurines would be possible, so I started  to crochet the overlord, because she was less complex than the others.

Later on my daughter told me she liked also the carbot animation figurines of starcraft very much and so the zergy came forward. The zergy was already posted and is an easy and fast design; you can make it of all kinds of yarns, colors or materials. It is a very nice present for every starcraft gamer.The Zergy pattern is also published in the pattern section of my blog.

It took a while, but in december 2013 I completed writing the patterns down of several figurines of the Starcraft universe. I made an Overlord, a Zergling and several Banelings. The last one is quite easy to make.

The Overlord amigurumi is my second starcraft design. It is complicated to make and needs a lot of little pieces, but it is very rewarding and looks nice.The Zergling amigurumi is also very complicated and with lot of details and little pieces to make.

I have tried to write every detail down, but between writing and making was some time and therefore some details can be forgotten. Keep me informed whenever things are not clear, wrong or can be done on another or easier way. The patterns will be published soon.

banelingBecause the Overlord  and Zergling amigurumi were presents,  the examples aren’t present in my home anymore.

I also made some Banelings to give away. The first one came out not as nice as expected, the second attempt was better. I have written this design down and a link is placed on this page. The third was nice but could be better. So I am still struggling with the Banelings.

The Starcraft patterns


Much fun with making patterns!

Greetings, Elzeblaadje


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