Baneling Pattern

The Baneling is a figurine from the game Starcraft 2. I made a small amigurumi resembling the Baneling. The pattern s now available.

It takes only a few hours crocheting and sewing, before the Baneling amigurumi is completed and ready to play with.

It is also safe for kids, if you in stead of beads, make some sewed eyes. No chenille is used or other small objects.

Beware of the legs, place them carefully otherwise the Baneling will tumble. No need to put something in the Banelings head or body if you make the legs right and place them on the right places. Bend them a little bit to the green vesicle to adjust his balance.

I hope many Banelings will be made.

The pattern is found here >> Baneling_crochet_pattern_eng

Much fun making a Baneling!!