Overlord Pattern

overlord backside

Well, It took some time but now the Overlord pattern is ready. It is a complicated pattern, with lot of small parts and other details. Study the pictures and the pattern really good before you start. You can always mail me through the about page if something isn’t clear.

Read the blogpost about the spikes also thoroughly through. Maybe it helps constructing these parts.

Each part of the Overlord is crocheted in the round. The used cotton is SMC Catania and the used hook is 2,5. You need 1 skein of dark brown, some middle brown, some purple or lilac, and natural white. Furthermore you need stuffing and bendable coated wire, For the face some small red beads are needed. The Overlord has multiple eyes.

The overlord is about 15 cm high and afloat in the air. It can’t stand on a table or cupboard. I used a little yarn thread in the middle of the body, so the overlord can hang.

The pattern >>> starcraft2-overlord-crochet pattern eng

I hope you enjoy making the overlord.

Greetings Elzeblaadje





2 thoughts on “Overlord Pattern

  1. Catherine

    This is incredibly awesome and is perfect for an upcoming Zerg player’s birthday. Thank you for all your work, and allowing the pattern to be available 🙂

    1. elzeblaadje Post author

      Well the pattern is also a challenge to make. I wish you very much fun with it and I hope you will show the result some time. And the player will be very much surprised with it. My daughter was very pleased with mine.


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