Zergy pattern


Zergy pattern

Zergy is a character based upon the carbot animation movies and starcraft II, the game.

For all the starcraft fans and their families I have written my zergy or zergling (carbot animation) pattern down. Let the zergies multiply!



Making Zergy’s

Making a Zergy is an easy job, You need a little bit of yarn, a hook suited for the yarn and some time on hand. Technics used are  magic ring, crochet in the round, increase and decreasing stitches, The Zergy is made with single crochet.

Starcraft Patterns

I am still working on other Starcraft patterns, but these are very complicated so you have to be patient. The Overlord is already available.

Download the zergy pattern from this link. >> Zergy crochet pattern

ergy double




Much fun Elzeblaadje

ps. show me your zergy’s if succeeded.


3 thoughts on “Zergy pattern

  1. Kell

    I know this is a super old post.. But, I’m hoping you can help! My niece sent me a pic of your Zergy, asking me to make her one. I’ve only just learnt how to crochet, and after a few attempts, I’ve gotten to row 11ish – the back of the head square. And I’m kinda lost on the SC down the side. Mostly because I ended up with a rectangle.
    How many rows in total? Is it 3 or 4? :S
    Thank you!

    1. Alice Post author

      Hello Kell,
      Nice, that you are making a zergy.

      The numbers in the pattern description correspond with the rounds, so when you arrive at round 11 and crochet 36 sc, with no corners and decreases yet, you still have 1 round to go, after that make on the corners decreases. You have in this phase a rectangle. If you don’t trust you are on the right way, pull out a round and start this round over again. I always count the stitches in my head when I am crocheting, so I find a mistake rather quickly.You also can use a colored thread,or stichmarker to mark the beginning of the rows..
      .Succes, Alice

  2. Débora

    This is an amazing pattern! It was my first ever amigurumi besides pokeballs, so it didn’t turn out that great, but I love my little deformed Zergy xD Hopefully the next one will be better. Thank you so much for sharing this.


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