Colorful caps

cap 1Warm wool hats and caps

In 2012 I started with a cap project. The caps are mend to be used on a special occasion. I made a lot of knitted caps in just a few weeks, each cap is unique. I will introduce some of the caps on this  page.

The  first cap I made from mixed yarn and wool was adopted by a friend of mine. She wanted a warm cap, for the winter was cold and with lots of snow. Because  there was  a lot of yarn I made also a second cap.

The pattern I used is very simple, just alternate two stitches purl with two stitches knit. Skip one stitch each round and a nice pattern will be created. Exercise first on a shred or patch, till you are content with the pattern.

Measure the head before you start knitting, make the cap  a bit smaller than the head measures. The cap will dress better.



 Green and orange pumpkin hats

In two colors of green, two pumpkin caps  See the page with the knitting notes for more details.

later more …



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