Caps for Halloween









In the Autumn, around Halloween you can wear these nice caps, Maybe you or your mom can knit and make this colorful head dressing. For an experienced knitter it will take a few hours to make. You can knit the caps on two needles. It is easy knitting this way.

Measure your head, find a cosy yarn in a bright orange or green and a bit of some lighter green yarn. Gauge is 19 stitches in 10 cm (4 inch), 104  stitches is 55 cm. 28 rows is 10 cm (4 inch)

Start knitting. I have used some acrylic yarn and a pair of needles size  4. Knit the cap in stockinette stitch ( or tricot).

Pitch 98 (child) or 104 (child) or 110 (woman)  or more stitches. Start for the green cap with a hem of alternating two purl and two knit stitches (10 rows). The orange cap has an hem of a few stockinette rounds (4-6).

Divide after the hem,  the stitches on the needle in 6 parts (14-15-16 st) that will be knitted in stockinette stitch, alternate these with 7 tracks of 2 purl stitches. Start and end with a track of purl stitches

A row  consist  by example of : 2 purl, 14- 16  knit, 2 purl, 14-16 knit, 2 purl, 14 -16 knit …. 2 purl

Decrease when the cap is long enough, by example 12 cm, decrease on each side of the stockinette parts. Decrease every 2th row,

When the stockinette parts are down to 6 (green cap) or 4 stitches (orange cap) change the color from green or orange in grass green,.

In the green cap, after the color change, go further in stockinette, for 4 rows. In the following row the decreases are  in the knit row, every 5th stitch. Following knit row every 4th st, following knit row every 3th stitch and so on till 10 stitches are reached. Knit then the stem in stockinette in about 10 rows.

In the orange cap, after the color change  and last decreases, knit a few rows with alternating 2 purl and 2 knit, decrease to alternating 1 purl and 1 knit, after 2 rows go further n stockinette and decrease to 10 stitches, knit a few rows till the stem is long enough.

Sew the cap invisible together. The cap is ready .

Greetings Elzeblaadje


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