Colorful Granny Squares

granny 2It is always nice to make nice things with granny squares. In this section of my blog I will present some colorful projects with granny squares.



Blue granny bag

The project started December 2011. In a magazine I found a picture of a very nice bag made with granny squares. I placed the picture in my granny square book and took a sfilet granny tascroll around my stash. I found two blue colors that matched and started. Because I only had a picture It was challenging if I could reproduce the granny’s. Well the granny’s became not exactly the same, but similar as in the ororiginal design. I also varied with the  different parts of the bag, So I made a zipper in it and a shoulder handle. The project was long time situated on a shelve in my room, for another project had my interest. In November 2013  I found the unfinished bag an decided it was time to finish it. Making the zipper was one problem, but scrolling on the internet I found out that with a very small hook I could attach it to the bag. Furthermore It took some time and cotton to make the handle.

iphonecoverIphone cover

iphonecover2It was a fast and easy project, making a colorful cover for my I phone. Needed were 2 grannies, a bit of different colored yarns and a hook. Just two hours of your time and the cover is ready. The granny I chose fro a dutch book was a bit to large, so I skipped the last two rounds and made a simple one myself as last row. Some colorful buttons finished the cover.

You can choose every granny you like for the cover, you only need two. Crochet them together and make the bottom and upside with any color you like. Crochet a flap wit two buttonholes and your cover is almost done, Sew it together and you are finished.

granny_flowerFlowers-in-the-meadow poncho

This project goes about lots and lots of granny’s. The colorful granny’s are resembling flowers in a meadow along a river.

This project turned out to be a flowery wrap. The shawl or poncho is constructed of many granny squares. The granny is a very easy one to crochet. On the picture an example.

The shawl or poncho is a pattern from

By the end of September 2014, the flower-in-the-meadow poncho was ready.  I started on 1 July 2014, So it took me me 3 months.

I made 80 flower granny squares to form the poncho, I had to wait with blogging till the poncho poncho_edgewas arrived by its new owner. By that time something else was on my mind so it took its time. But the poncho is now arrived and enthusiastic received.  I had a lot of little threads to cut off, the last week. It cost me days.

Some details about the poncho. The yarn is SMC Bravo, 8 colors are used. The bottom edge resembles water and is crocheted as a lavender colored clover edge. The bottom granny have also a lavender or blue outer layers that develop in green and darker green layers to resemble the meadows and woods.

poncho1 poncho0








The peacock granny wrap

granniesIIA peacock inspired granny shawl is becoming a very slow project. But I have already crocheted many grannies, only other projects are more prominent. The granny I use comes from  mochi   I have only made the granny square a bit simpler so it is faster to crochet.





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