Fairy garden

fairy garden

The fairy garden is a small beautiful private space where the fairy’s and gnomes of Fantasia Land can recharge their magic powers. The fairy garden is also a crochet project and CAL. Each participant of the crochet-a-long makes her own garden and magical beings. The CAL was hosted at Mad Crochet Lab

On this page I will put some photographs, so you can explore my fairy garden.

Fantasia land and Magical garden

The fairy world is situated in an old plastic container. On the floor a golden meadow with al little brook. Above the brook the rainbow bridge and in the meadow a fairy ring. The old enchanted tree-beard stands ifairyworldn a corner of the meadow and stand guard, for no trespasser is allowed in the fairy meadow. But a strange little snail is coming over the rainbow bridge. Will he bring a message to the fairies?

Treebeard is an old oak standing guard over the meadow, he was the first tree ever to crochet by me. When he was almost finished I made a little video >> http://youtu.be/ZAsQJeEHH1I
Look for the  special stone and the birds-nest bridgewithsnail

unicornAfter the tree, I made the rainbow bridge and the fairy ring. The Garden was born and not long after, the first visitor came over the bridge. It was a Unicorn. But the Enchanted  tree banned him from the garden, for he trampled all the flowers in the meadow. Now the brook was made and a little snail came visiting, a mouse made a place to live under the bridge.

The tree fairy arrived and not long after she appeared the gnomes walked in and asked her to dance. An other flower fairy, appeared and later on a real Elf arrived also. At this point the container became very crowded and the Cal was finished.

Some dlittletreefairyetails

The dress of the fairy is made from nice sparkling yarn and a layer off leaves is attached to the dress, Her cap is also made from crocheted leaves. Here she is situated on my working table.Some beads are embroidered unto the dress. The fairy pattern was secured and the first version was written and put online.

treegnomeFrom the fairy pattern I made also two gnomes. blaadjes

The little fellow on the photo has a jacket of golden leaves and his cap is also made of leaves. He has a beard and a bold head.


In the tree is a little nest and two lucky birds are cuddling over the egg. From these little birds came also a nice pattern. I have made many birds myself


faries and gnomesIn the container the magical beings dance together, the fairies and gnomes, they have much fun.

For the fairies I made also some underwear and shoes, but the shoes kept falling off.

The gnomes have boots and wooden shoes. The red gnome is and old-fashioned garden gnome.

The second Fairy has a dress with flowers. Later on I made some more fairies, to give away.


The crowded container filled with all the creatures and ornaments. Can you find the all?

fairygardenalice2The container without the fairies and gnomes

fairygardenaliceA detail of the container with the fairies and genomes.

fairygarden_fromabove_aThe fairy garden from above, with the birds nest and rainbow bridge, the stream with the flower bow, the toadstool and mushrooms and the sitting tree fairy an other beings.


It was a lot of fun making the fairy garden. I will thank Ellen for her inspiration  and the Mad CAL for her initiative.

The patterns of the Fairy Garden and Fantasia Land are available in the pattern section of my blog.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


8 thoughts on “Fairy garden

  1. Ellen

    Hartstikke mooi geworden!!! Alles ziet er zo schattig uit en je hebt een mooi verhaal erbij gemaakt. De gegeven inspiratie is goed terecht gekomen (wat ik al verwachtte 🙂 ). Ik zou zo mee willen dansen met je fairies en gnomes 😀

  2. Teeni

    Wow. The garden is awesome – and every single thing inside it is awesome! I love the little story that goes along with it, I love that the gnomes came to dance with your fairy! Your garden is definitely enchanted! I am going to watch the video now.

    1. elzeblaadje Post author

      Hi Teeni, The video of the whole garden will be made in soms time ahead. It is dark and gloomy wheater over here these days. It was al lot of fun making the graden, thank you for the CAL

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  4. amigurumibb

    Hi! You fairy garden is really a happy one. I love fairies and hope in the future you’ll come up wth more of them to join. Congradulations on the work and thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂

  5. elzeblaadje Post author

    Thank You amigurumibb. It was a lot of fun to make te garden and its occupants. In the future I will make soms more inhabitants of fairyland. I love to do so.


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