Project Terrarium

ContainerA  CAL (Crochet a long) from started mid July 2013. Naturally I joined the project.

Here is a picture of my first container, It is a garden lamp made for candles, but will be suitable for the purpose of this project.

miniplantThe first mission is to make some leafy plants for the container. I am almost done!

Before the plants move in a floor has to be made. My idea was, that the floor resembles a garden floor, with some earth and grasses! A nice thick yarn was suited for the occasion and I had Just enough yarn to make the floor.

plantsI have also made a mini plant, a bit triffid like, with a little red flower on top. In the picture also the very small leafy plant I made. It is a kind of fern. I also picked a few nice stones to give the empty looking container more radiation.  The stones are from the beaches of Denmark.


Bird EllenEllen my sister-In-law made a nice bird, that now is looking from the top of the container into the box. She used my birdie pattern. Isn’t she a fine angry looking birdie. I like also tHe color purple she used. Thank you Ellen. Nice done.

But with plants and stones alone, the container is still very empty. So I had to make something else, something awesome and astounding. Something breathtaking. some thing that centers the attention on the container. I became a frog.



In an old dutch craft magazine, Ariadne, I found a nice pattern of a frog, I wanted the frog to be a small one so I bought some nice thin yarn. Katia Jaipur and followed the pattern. Thin yarn isn’t the easiest yarn to work with, but I got it ready, and isn’t he not a nice looking fellow, with it orange eyes. Two wooden eyes made from old beads completed the little frog.

cactusBut the call continued and the next challenge was a cactus. That wasn’t difficult to do.

The container is now ready, but I changed is months later, because I started an other container, but that will be another crochet story.




3 thoughts on “Project Terrarium

  1. Ellen

    Still find your frog awesome!!
    Although this CAL is finished, you still could make things foe the box. Plants, cacti and little critters 🙂

    1. elzeblaadje Post author

      HI Ellen, The content of the box is now totally changed, but that will be an other story I have to write. The boxes change seasonally also. Maybe I wiil make some more plants and critters, but such a small box becomes very fast crowded. 🙂

  2. Ellen

    That’s the fun with these boxes, you can alter the scenes according to the season or your mood 🙂
    Looking forward to your new story and photos!


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