Starcraft project

Meet the Starcraft family
The starcraft project began with a question of my daughter. She asked me to make a zergling for her. She is a fan of the carbot animation figures and wanted the very popular zergling as a plush or amigurumi. The challenge was to make one, because nowhere online a pattern was to be found. So I made my first Zergy, and he had ears, and a embroiders mouth. Not good enough. So the second Zergy arrived from my workbasket, and the third, all wrong. But finally the pattern was right and the Zergy family came to life.

Now the zergy pattern is available in the pattern section of my blog. Make your own zergy and family and let them multiply.

I made a small movie of the first zergy’s

to be continued …

ergy double

two zergy’s


2 thoughts on “Starcraft project

    1. elzeblaadje Post author

      Hi Rick, I am out of zergy’s on the moment. But they are made very quickly if neccesary. If you are interested we can make a deal. Shall I send you an e-mail?


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