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Frog and friends

froggieSome weeks ago I had a crochet flow and made this nice frog together with some mice. Doesn’t he look like Frog from Frog and fiends? But when you kiss a frog with a crown, like this one, you can be surprised by what next happens. Maybe he becomes a prince.

The frog is made from thin cotton yarn, but still 20 cm high. This because of his long legs. I wanted the frog to be a bit natural. The legs have toes, long toes.froggie1

Because of his likeness with the character from frog and Friends, I gave him a nice swimming trouser and because it is already chilly in here, a long red scarf. The crochet flow faded away, other wise I should make all his friends, or I will do it some other time. For now he is on his own.

Greetings Elzeblaadje



project A

Project A

It is a bit exciting, for here is the first glimpse of project A. It is the body and head of an Overlord, a character from the game Starcraft II. There was no pattern to find so I made my own design. The first body was a failure. It came all out wrong, The second attempt was better. The challenge is to finish the whole animal, with all his limbs and spikes. It is a kind of insect, that floats with airbags on his sides.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje




Last days, it was busy in our house. From every corner of the living room came weird noises. I couldn’t find the cause, till this afternoon. On the table 4 little friends where gathering around the playground. I could observe them quietly and make a picture, so you can see wich little animal is making a mob in our living. I hope they soon will disappear into other homes and my life is restored,

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Zergy two

ergy double

two zergy’s

Tonight I heard a loud noise. I waked and walked around my house to figure out what the noise had been. While I stumbled around the rooms I was not aware of the amigurumi collection. It was only this morning I came across the table where the zergy was wandering and I found out that during the night my Zergy has doubled. Doesn’t he look sweet. Zergy the second.

Greetings Elzeblaadje