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Autumn cardigan

ts-cardigan3Well, it is been a bit quiet on my blog. I was busy with my garden, a blanket, relaxing and a food forest. No time for blogging was left. But today I am back. I am showing my new autumn cardigan. I made it this spring and after it was finished the weather became more nice and my cardigan wasn’t worn.

The theme of my cardigan was autumn. I made rows of toadstools, flowers, bees and leaves. The yarn is Stylecraft special DK and the hook 4.0 mm, There are nine colors in the cardigan and the size is XL. On my ravelry  You find more information and pictures.

The toadstool band is also used on my Sophie’s Garden Blanket, in the extended parts. For the sleeves I created a band with little mushrooms.

I hope you like my creation. Greetings Elzeblaadje


The dark days are near


What do you think about some horror crochet, just for this time of the year! Crochet some skulls in big and small things like shawls, mittens  and hats. Or make a nice pumpkin hat for your baby or child.

If you want to scare some one you van make an Cthulhu ski mask and if you want a nice present for a dear one make a zergy or an other starcraft plush. You can even make a Cthulhu bag to take with you on your autumn scrolls.

Much fun with my autumn patterns and ideas, Elzeblaadje



Summer bag

What to do with crocheted flowers? You can decorate other things with them or you can start a new project and make a tote especially for your flowers. So I made this smautumnbagall summer bag, with sunflowers, asters and leaves, with a hint to the autumn, some leaves are yellow and brown. The bag is made from strong fabric and can hold some shopping items. Only one side is decorated. So when using the bag show the beautiful flowers and every body will be jealous on your nice bag. The flowers are made with SMC Catania Fine and Catania Color, hook 2.0 mm. for attaching I used my sewing machine. The leaves are sewed along the midrib, the flowers along the hearts of the flowers. And i have ironed them a little bit.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Autumn shawl

Between the big projects, I like it, to have an easy job with straight forward crochet or knitting. It is nice to work on such a project while listening to radio or television. Just counting and swinging the hook or the needles. No difficult thinking to do, just let the hands do their work. So while I worked  on the Lily Pond, joining the squares and panels I also was working on an Autumn shawl. I had found a nice colored yarn, with exactly the colors you see mostly in the fall. And it was also nice to crochet, for the design of this scallop shawl is an easy and pretty design. Some people call it the virus shawl. It is no clear who is the designer, some claim it on Ravelry, but the design is much older.  So I can not give you a link to the design, for I am not sure who is the owner, but the pattern is easily to find. Although I liked the shawl very much, I wasn’t keeping it. So I gave it away. My SIL is very happy with the nice warm scallop shawl. Oh the yarn I used is a very popular yarn in my country, you can find the details on Ravelry, see link in the right corner of my blog.

Have a nice weekend, Elzeblaadje

herfstshawl herfstshawl_det

Autumn flowers

autumn flowers

My box is full of flowers and autumn  leaves, all crocheted. It is a colorful picture. I am going to sew the flowers and leaves on a bag. But I am still wondering what the best way to do it will be. Will I make a crocheted base or will I sew the object directly unto the bag. The flowers an leaves patterns are all from a book. The resemblance with real flowers and leaves is very natural and good.

Greetings Elzeblaadje