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Summer bag

What to do with crocheted flowers? You can decorate other things with them or you can start a new project and make a tote especially for your flowers. So I made this smautumnbagall summer bag, with sunflowers, asters and leaves, with a hint to the autumn, some leaves are yellow and brown. The bag is made from strong fabric and can hold some shopping items. Only one side is decorated. So when using the bag show the beautiful flowers and every body will be jealous on your nice bag. The flowers are made with SMC Catania Fine and Catania Color, hook 2.0 mm. for attaching I used my sewing machine. The leaves are sewed along the midrib, the flowers along the hearts of the flowers. And i have ironed them a little bit.

Greetings Elzeblaadje


After Sophie’s Universe

grannies3My mind and hands were empty after my  Sophie’s Universe was completed. What to do? How fill the gap? After three months hard labor to craft a design blanket I needed some rest. Well there was the Lily Pond Cal waiting, but I am not so enthusiastic about this Cal as about the Sophie’s Universe blanket. My pen friend Ellen, tried me to cheer up by posting several Cals, but it was not the same. One day I decided it was time to clear my table and make an investigation of all my w.i.p.’s and other stranded projects. So looking through boxes of yarn, counting my stash and sorting my work-projects, I found an old project of grannies. The grannies were finished, even the threads were cleared away, but the grannies were not sewn together and there was not an use for them. Suddenly I liked the idea of making the grannies into some thing, maybe a bag or a cushion cover or something else. And so I started. This time I crocheted the grannies onto each other. It was my first time doing this. It turned out to becoming very nice and beautiful. Now I am struggling to make from the grannies a bag, but that is another story.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Cthulhu Handbag 2

cthulhubag_3In this picture the handbag is half way. The Mini Cthulhu was very curious and hides in the bag. You can see the waves  and the 3-D waves rim clearly. On the cover I have pinned two glass beads so you can see the the design of the Cthulhu. But there is still a lot of work to do. like making the tentacles, the handles, the closure  and so on. After the bottom and the waves it was just plain crocheting, very dull work. The last rounds i had to decrease a lot and do much counting. The cover  was again nice work to do. But still not finished in this picture. More about the bag in a later article. For now much fun. Elzeblaadje

Blue Granny bag finished

bagMy Blue Granny bag is finished, The project started December 2011. In a magazine I found a picture of a very nice bag made with granny squares. I placed the picture in my granny square book and took a scroll around my stash. I found two blue colors that matched and started. Because I only had a picture It was challenging if I could reproduce the granny’s. Well the granny’s became not exactly the same, but similar as in the original design. I also varied with the  different parts of the bag, So I made a zipper in it and a shoulder handle. The project was long time situated on a shelve in my room, for another project had my interest. Two weeks ago i found the unfinished bag an decided it was time to finish it. Making the zipper was one problem, but scrolling on the internet I found out that wit a very small hook I could attach it to the bag. Furthermore It took some time and cotton to make the handle. I haven’t yet written the pattern of the granny down. I don’t know if it is to hunt down one way or another. Maybe I give it a try some day, I am very proud the bag is now ready.

Greetings, Elzeblaadje




Red pouch


I also made a red pouch. This one is slightly different from the blue one. I like the coral red color very much! No leaves were made because the pouch was destined for my son. He wanted to fill the pouch with his dice collection. You can fill it with all kind of stuff, I Think. It will be a nice present to make for someone’s birthday.

For this pouch you start the same as in the blue one. Make a nice floor. Make an edge by putting the hook in the backward loop and in the loop direct under the backward loop. Continue with single crochet rounds, increase in every  second or third round 6 stitches, till the sides are broad enough. Crochet  single crochet rounds till the height of the side’s is sufficient high and next decrease every second or third round 6 stitches. Make a round with holes, crochet 4 rounds straight and finish it off.

Greetings Elzeblaadje

Blue pouch


This week I was very busy with my crochet. Making a little pouch for my friend inspired me to crochet all kinds of pouches and bags. It is a nice thing to do and not so difficult. This blue and grey pouch with leaves is about 12 cm high. It is a nice thing to hold some dice or ornaments or beads. It is the first I made and I like it. The pattern is very easy. Start wit a magic circle and crochet 6 crochet stitches, increase diffusely each round 6 stitches  till you have a nice circular floor, than stop increasing stitches and go upward. When the expected height is  reached, make some holes, crochet a bit  more rounds and finish with the second color. Put a cord through the holes and your pouch is ready.

Greetings Elzeblaadje